Trend on Trial: How does it feel to wear your colleague's make up?

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Stylist Beauty Team
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How would you suit your friend or colleague’s signature look? Stylist’s beauty team investigates…

Anita’s look trialled by Ava

Ava Welsing-Kitcher, Stylist’s junior beauty writer says: 

I usually go for warm shades as they tend to flatter my skin tone, so my main worry about Anita’s bold black lip was that it would wash me out. Also, such a dark colour means even the smallest mistake is glaringly obvious. However, following Anita’s strict instructions, I started by using black liquid eyeliner to help define my lips. Then I carefully filled them in with liquid lipstick, and once that was dry I reapplied another layer to get the blackest black possible before filling in any patches with kohl pencil. Surprisingly, I loved the final result. It’s perfect for when my deepest berry shade doesn’t quite cut it.

Revolution Iconic Matte Lipstick in Members Club     

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner in Black

NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Alien     

Lucy’s signature look trialled by Hanna

Hanna Ibraheem, Stylist’s beauty writer says:

I usually wear winged liner and matte foundation, but Lucy’s complexion always looks so radiant – glowy skin with just a hint of mascara – so I was open to a change. I applied luminous tinted moisturiser before dabbing liquid highlighter across my cheekbones, using powder highlighter on top. I looked at myself and realised: this is what Matthew McConaughey meant in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days when he said, “Frost yourself”. I did feel a little stripped-back but as my complexion luckily didn’t resemble an oil slick by the afternoon, I might go overboard with the highlighter more often.

L’Oreal Paris Pro Glow Longwear Foundation in Classic Ivory


Tom Ford Shimmer Shot     

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow     

Hanna’s signature look trialled by Anita

Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s beauty director says:

As a seasoned goth, I’m very much a fan of black eyeliner– it’s our territory. And because my face can sometimes look a bit sleepy (partially because I am generally quite tired) anything that perks it up and adds definition is ideal. That said, I found Hanna’s ‘circular’ approach a bit tricky. Literally ringing the whole eye in liquid liner made me look like a 14-year-old baby goth; something I’m très keen to distance myself from. True, it does look great on Hanna, so it could just be my heavy-handed approach that’s made me balk. Either way, in this guise it’s not for me. I think it’s even made my eyes look smaller – not the desired effect. But, it has made me want to experiment more with my eyeliner looks – and that’s always a good thing. I tend to stick with a small flick and reapply bold lipstick to get me through the day. But I’ll get my sharpener at the ready from here on in.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink


Inglot Makeup Brush 31T     

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner


Ava’s signature look trialled by Lucy

Lucy Partington, Stylist’s beauty editor says:

I don’t wear a great deal of colour, I’m more of a skincare-first girl, but I always wish I had the confidence to experiment. Copying Ava’s sunset-hued look was a good starting point. I began haphazardly applying orange eyeshadow around the eye area, taking it all over my lid and underneath the waterline using my finger. Then, as Ava always does so well, I blended the same colour onto my cheeks. I’m not going to lie: it took a lot of blending to stop it looking scary, but I got there. Finally, I used a clear balm on my lips and dabbed the same orange shadow on top, which brought the look together. It’s made me realise colour isn’t that scary. I might even try experimenting with some other shades.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn     

NARS Blush in Taj Mahal     

Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette