Trend on Trial: how to nail the glitter eye look

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In this week’s Trend On Trial, the Stylist beauty team tackle Undercover’s s/s18 grown-up glitter look. Glitters eyes are having a moment, but really how practical are they outside of the festival gorunds?

Glitter isn’t for everyone, but the unbridled glee it brings reminds us of the days when all we had to worry about was who to invite to our sleepover. Grown-up glitter’s in the spotlight, as we take all the joy we once had in covering ourselves (and everything else, because let’s face it - nothing spreads like glitter) and strategically use it to bring our features to light. Were the Stylist beauty team like magpies, or were the tiny particles too annoying to bear?

Say hello to Anita’s sparkly true love 

Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s beauty director says:

Glitter eyes. At first this look seemed daunting but once I started pressing glitter on liberally, it felt less so. Liberating, even. That’s due partially to the shade – this blue glitter is part Studio 54, part Sink The Pink. Once it’s on, despite my initial reservations, I’m truly in love. I can’t stop fluttering my eyelids, and I’m already ticking off all the scenarios in which I can get away with a full-on spectacular eye like this. Monday meetings, check. Bloodstock heavy-metal festival, check. Glitter eyes, you might just be the one. 

Lucy took a definite shine to this look

Lucy Partington, Stylist’s beauty editor says:

OK, so confession time: I’m a secret magpie, but I don’t often let my love for glitter shine (sorry) through. That means, even though it’s so far removed from my usual look, I am very much here for this sparkling purple situation. The super-pigmented shadows didn’t have as much fallout as I was expecting, and I got all the compliments on my Tube journey home. I’m going all out and calling this one a complete success.

Glitter on Ava’s cheeks? Great. Around the eyes? Ouch

Ava Welsing-Kitcher, Stylist’s junior beauty writer says:

YES. I’ve been waiting for weeks for glitter to appear on this page. The only thing is, I get sparkalaphobic (yes, I just googled ‘fear of glitter’) with chunks of plastic on my eyes. Glittery cheekbones or even bedazzled lips are fine, but seeing and feeling flecks of glitter every time I blink makes me panic. So I used a glitter primer to keep everything on my lids, then daubed on glitter gel and loose glitter. It looks divine… but gives me the creeps.


Glitter. The Marmite of cosmetics. Love it or hate it, its ability to create sheer joy is not to be underestimated. While we all rejoiced at the sheer amount of sparkle, some of us were more hesitant than others. But with festival season upon us once again, we’ll definitely be throwing the stuff all over ourselves and everybody around us – sparkalaphobics included… 

Thanks to the Republic of Photography 

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The Gypsy Shrine Unicorn Dreams Glitter

NYX Glitter Primer 

OPV Pressed Glitter in Heartbreaker 

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