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Trend On Trial: blue eyeshadow

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Blue eyeshadow is back - seen acid-bright and doll-like at the Louise Gray's S/S 2011 show. Stylist's beauty director Joanna McGarry tries out the trend...and is surprised by the results.

Blue eyeshadow isn’t supposed to look good.

Nor is it meant to be the last word in cool. Blue eyeshadow, smeared on from lashline to brow, is the preserve of your bonkers Aunty Pat, along with mohair jumpers and banana clips. Which is why it’s something of a marvel that the intense cobalt blue-ringed eyes at Louise Gray’s s/s 2011 show have risen to the top of spring’s beauty barometer.

Not usually one to wear colour on my lids, I attempted to channel the look with a non-scary pastel sapphire – only to realise I looked like I had wandered off the set of Dynasty, 1989. No, to go blue, I must go boldly. So, I pressed in Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow in Dance, £15.50, to my upper and lower lashlines and topped it off with Mac’s Chromacake in Hi-Def Cyan, £18.50 (or ease yourself in with Nars’ gentler Eyeshadow Duo in South Pacific, £23.50). Keep it modern by snaking the colour around the tear duct and building it up until opaque.

The general consensus? Unexpectedly positive – despite a couple of confused looks from the accounts team – I braved the look on a rowdy Friday night, clocking up a smattering of compliments. I relished my new sense of freedom from the shackles of my standard strong brow and lip. I’m converted. And all without a hint of Aunty Pat.

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