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Trend on trial: Pink lips

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Stylist's Beauty Director tries the pink lipstick trend, as seen on the catwalk at Donna Karan autumn/winter 2011.

That little bullet of Barbie-fied pinkness represents, for many of us, the first indictment into the world of make-up as giddy teenagers.

Pink lipstick equalled youth, innocence and tenderness and at my school we gobbled it up in our droves. And the pink lips, as seen at Donna Karan, Jeremy Scott and Alberta Ferretti’s autumn/ winter catwalk shows, looked undeniably fresh and feminine in an otherwise seriously vampy season. Worn against fresh skin, simple tousled hair and toned down eyes (resisting heavy brows and oversaturated lashes), it became the unexpected antidote to the power red lips that prevailed elsewhere.

Still, I just can’t seem to mentally wrench the pastel pink lip away from my teenage years. I felt as though I had regressed to the age of 14, which, while in essence is admittedly quite fun, walking around the office it felt as distracting as having a bunch of bananas on my head. The Barbie-toned intensity of the matte pink lip (I used a combination of Mac’s cult favourite lipstick Snob and Illamasqua’s Liv to create mine) was slightly too cartoonish for me, but once I dialled it down to a light dab of pink in the centre of the lips set with a touch of clear lip balm, it looked almost dreamlike set off against dewy, rosy cheeks. Pink lipstick polarises: you are either a lover or a hater, but I’ve vowed to make friends with it yet.


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