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Trend On Trial: the winge

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Stylist Team

Stylist's Beauty Director Joanna McGarry tries the 'winge' - as seen at Preen S/S 2011.

There is one binding feature that finds its way across my childhood photos and archived memories: a fringe. I was loyal to the fringe for two decades and, even now, I feel indebted to its powers – having done a rather spectacular job of hiding my disproportionately high forehead. It was only two years ago that I finally felt ready to shake off my protective shield and endure the troublesome in-between-y period of growing it out. And I have to say, in the heat of this humid spring, I haven’t missed it.

At least, I thought I hadn’t. But after a few minutes tussling with Hersheson’s Winges, £30 (yes, really – a cross between a fringe and a wig), I found myself figuratively curling up in the cosy familiarity that’s kept Claudia Schiffer and Patti Smith faithful to their fringes for aeons.

Although fairly easy to attach – lightly tease the area of hair that the winge will cover and then latch on the two hooks to secure (see for a how-to video) – the winge didn’t feel quite secure enough for me to totally relax. I was convinced that with one sharp turn, it might land inside the next table’s wine glass at lunch.

Gratefully, that didn’t happen and even more impressive was the unusually positive response from friends: ‘hello cheekbones,’ was one notable comment. I’ve welcomed back the fringe, that old faithful ally, minus the commitment. It’s the perfect relationship.

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