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Trend on trial: windswept hair

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It’s the most futile time of year. That sounds bleak, but when it comes to hair, it’s the horrible truth. Spending an hour on an elaborate updo that’s as complex as it is detailed results in one of two conclusions. Firstly, a rain shower will flatten your efforts in five seconds. Secondly, an impertinent gust of wind will send strands of hair flying like wayward antennae, and before long you’ll look like a frazzled Pomeranian.

Somewhere between the latter and, well, normal is where the models at Ashish found themselves. Hair was scraped up into a nonchalant updo before strands were pulled out and left to ‘fly away.’ But is weather-ruined hair a look to aspire to?

Evie Leatham

Stylist’s Beauty Director says:

Windswept takes time and a new hair tool, it seems. I haven’t seen the business end of a crimper in a long time (let the flashbacks begin: I was eight and all I wanted was zigzag-pattern hair). That frizzy texture usually only happens if you’re braving a stiff sea breeze in November. But my hair was instantly fuller and bigger having been helped along by a dose of dry shampoo (for guts) and backcombing (for more height). What I gained in stature – at least two inches, which counts at 5ft 3in – I lost in poise. Windswept might conjure romantic images but in reality I looked a little wild and unkempt.

Samantha Flowers

Stylist’s Beauty Editor says:

It’s quite fitting that I’m writing this on the day St Jude hit. Although from my desk, I can’t see any evidence of a storm. Anyway, there is something inherently sexy about wind-swept hair. Or so I believe. I spritzed a ton of Redken’s Wind Blown into my roots and mussed it up. It did the job of a force-five gale. I even went for dinner with some friends afterwards, stormy hair in tow – that’s how good this is.

Anita Bhagwandas

Stylist’s Beauty and Features Writer says:

Messy, sexy undone hair is probably the hardest look to achieve. My tips are thus: backcomb your hair with gusto and ply it with the right products (see below right). This adds volume and texture, giving the look more of a stoic, intentional appearance, instead of the ‘caught in a hurricane’ guise, complete with an entanglement of dry leaves, small animals and random litter.


We’ve long known that undone is the new done, and it’s never truer than when choosing to put your hair up. So distress your elaborate French pleats and muss up your perfect beehive, because textured, roughly done hair is the ultimate segue from day to night. It’s the embodiment of effortless.

(Products: left to right: Dressing out brush, £4.29, Denman, kirby grips, £1.99, h&M, black argan crimper, £49.99, Diva, Oh Bee Hive! dry shampoo, £11.55, Tigi Bed Head, wind blown dry finishing spray, £8.88, Redken)

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