New Instagram account encourages women to celebrate their stretch marks

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An Instagram account celebrating women's stretch marks has gone viral after being created just two weeks ago.

The account @LoveYourLines was set up by a couple women, simply called The Two Moms, who wanted to engage other women to share images of their bodies with the images of the faint silver lines on various parts of their figures.

The #LoveYourLines movement (yes, we're calling it a movement now, it's official), was created in a bid to showcase the real beauty of the female body, and therefore try to make a difference in world in terms of female body image.

Currently, the account is on 36,000 followers and is always looking for more submissions from women who want to celebrate their bodies.

In the posts The Two Moms state that they want other women to be inspired by the account, and when people are considering submitting an image to think about what will make other people feel good about themselves, and perhaps you might consider sharing a part of your body that you've struggled with in the past or are doing so currently.

Not only do they have an extremely positive body message, they're keen to stress that they will not suffer and spam or abuse on the popular Instagram account.

"We want you all to know that we value the fact that you feel safe with sharing and we want to make sure that you are sharing with the right people (us). This is the only authentic@LoveYourLines social media handle. Thank you all again for your courage! We love you and your lines! :) xo, The Two Moms."

Here, we've picked out just some of the inspirational and brave images submitted to the page.

"This 31 year young woman has learned to not care so much about her tiger stripes although it wasn't easy. They are apart of who she is. She had them even before having babies. Mom of 2. #loveyourlines"

"Imperfections are what makes us perfect. Easily said, harder to fully embrace...true nonetheless."

"For sooo many years, and still sometimes today, these lines rule my life. It wasn't until a few years ago that I felt comfortable wearing shorts, and it wasn't until this year that I would wear a full bikini in public. This small body I live in has grown and stretched in ways that most would never imagine. But I'm starting to see the light in it all. These lines are not ugly, or anything to be shamed of, they're apart of me!! Ignoring societies pressure to be "perfect" I'm learning to embrace ME! The way God created me. Perfect in his image. My love lines, I'm loving me."

"I have stretch marks in multiple places, but I have always found the stretch marks that I have on the back of my legs the most noticeable and embarrassing, even if they aren't as big. I began to gain my marks between 5th grade and 6th grade. Throughout middle school to my sophomore year in high school I would always avoid wearing something that would show my stretch marks. I would pester my father to buy me anything that promised to lessen the appearance of stretch marks, but they would never work. This year I'm going into my junior year of high school and I intend to show my bare legs. No more covering them up with itchy stockings or hot pants. I have finally realized the money, stress, and tears weren't worth it. I have stretch marks and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so I plan to embrace them and keep on moving. Thank you for this account that is uplifting women and young girls like me." Submission from: @jordy.nicole.taylor

"I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and show the world something that has probably been one of my biggest obstacles in stretch marks. Puberty had absolutely no mercy on me. At age 10, I basically went from being 4'6 to 5'5, what I stand at now at 24, in a matter of practically 4 months of so. My skin basically had no time to prepare itself for what my bod wanted it to do. I began seeing stretch marks... just about everywhere from my butt, up. Imagine being 10 and seeing your body covered in scars, confused as to why. I'm not going to lie, it's a battle everyday to love the skin I'm in. I'm still not fully able to let go and be intimate. But I am now slowly accepting that this is my body and I only get one."

Look at this beautiful belly with #lovelines! "Marks from pregnancy."

"I had my beautiful baby boy just shy of three months ago. I am only eighteen and my body before my son was a whole 98lbs. Back at a healthy 109 I feel better and more beautiful than I ever have before. My stretch marks had a major affect on me for a while until I realized there’s something we forget when we try and erase the years and the scars. We forget they are the markers of a life created, of things learned, of love given and received. My son is an amazing gift sent from god, and nothing that happened to my body through pregnancy will change my views on that. Instead I embrace them."

If you want to submit yourself then you just need to follow the simple guidelines.

"To submit your photos please email All women of different shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to submit. Photos submitted should be taken against a plain background. We can't wait to see your love lines!"


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