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Substantial claims - substantial price tags.

No loyalty points, no bulk buys, no two-for-ones, these are beauty staples for the high roller. From £565 wrinkle cream to £60 mascara, we present 20 of the industry's biggest money items.

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  • Wrinkle cream

    Natura Bisse Inhibit-Tensolift, £565 for 60ml

    That's about £50 per wrinkle? Yes, but according to its makers it's the most effective alternative to cosmetic injections as it smoothes wrinkles and (rather scarily) prevents new expression lines forming.

  • Perfume

    Neroli Portofino Eau De Parfum £210 for 100ml

    How good can one person smell? As good as "the cool breezes, sparkling clear water and lush foliage of the Italian Rivera" according to Tom Ford.

  • Moisturiser

    Estee Lauder's Re–Nutriv Recreation Face Crème - £600 for 75ml

    For moisturiser? Yes, but according to Estee Lauder it's "from the ends of the earth, an astonishing discovery."

    More precisely it's said to give skin a "remarkably more youthful appearance, a renewed look of radiance and striking vitality"...etc

  • Hand Cream

    Rodin Hand Cream - £52

    Seriously? Investing in pricey face creams that antioxidise and anti-age is understandable, but hands often age faster than the face.

    If you can bear to splash £52 on hand cream, Rodin's includes calming Jasmine and nourishing Neroli essential oils that it claims are "perfect for aging, wrinkled, dry, or sensitive skin."

  • Eye cream

    Sisley Supremya Yeux Night anti-aging eye serum - £170 for 15ml

    So it's £11.33 per ml? Yes, but every milliliter contains a "powerful anti-aging formula featuring Phyto-complex LC12, acai berry, yeast extract and caffeine."

    Sisley also claims that eyelids are visibly lifted, eyes refreshed, wrinkles smoother and dark circles and puffiness visibly reduced after the first application."

    Well, it definitely looks smashing in its shiny gold bottle.

  • Lip balm

    Clarins Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Balm - £31 for 15ml

    Will I get an Angelina Jolie pout? Not for £31, but Clarins does claims an "appearance of fuller, younger-looking lips".

  • Cleanser

    Clarisonic Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing System - £179

    A pricey alternative to the facecloth? According to Clarisonic it uses fancy technology that works with the skin's natural elasticity to "thoroughly remove the impurities that come between you and smoother, softer, healthier looking skin.

    Also available in this snazzy 'Carnival' pattern.

  • Night cream

    Shiseido Future Solution Total Revitalizing Cream £179 for 50ml

    What's the blurb? "After nine years of research, Shiseido have come up with a product that works by reversing the signs of ageing by supplying sufficient hydration to the skin, and also enhances the skin's ability to produce collagen."


  • Primer

    Tracie Martyn Shakti Resculpting Cream, £113 for 200ml

    It says it's a body cream... It was originally intended to target cellulite, but it's also a facial moisturiser and the "perfect" make-up base, according to Tracie Martyn.

    The cream's touted as being able to give the neck and jawline a lift thanks to a mega-mix of Coenzyme A, organic Green Tea and Blackcurrant-derived Omega 3 oils.

  • Foundation

    La Praire Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15 £134 for 30ml

    What's so special? It's part make-up, part caviar-infused moisturiser that's said to firm, protect and counteract signs of aging, as well as covering.

    We're also impressed with the little stand-up brush.

  • Eyeshadow

    Serge Lutens Fard A Paupierers Eye Shadow - £96

    Wow. Does it get rid of eyebags too?: No but Serge Lutens is something of a make-up legend, being the first to create a beauty line associated with a fashion house (Christian Dior in 1967).

    This palette of four "inimitable shades" with translucent textures is eyeshadow investment.

  • Brushes

    Tom Ford Deluxe 12-piece brush set - £650

    Surely this is just for make-up artists? It make sense to use the best make-up with the top tools. As well as being a favourite with beauty gurus, these brushes promise "a flawless, glamorous face with ease and precision."

  • Hairdryer

    Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer - £195

    Time is money? Precisely - the idea is you invest in the T3 and it knocks 75% off your morning drying routine and thanks to "enhanced T3 Tourmaline and Soft Aire technologies" also maximises, shine, minimizes frizz and is generally "health-boosting".

  • Hairbrush

    Mason Pearson Handy Size Boar Bristle Hair Brush - £81

    Well, at least it won't run out... No, and according to some bold claims from Liberty's beauty buyer Sarah Coonan, it's "the best investment you can make for your hair."

    Mason Pearson have been making hairbrushes for yonks and they're said to last a lifetime. Just don't think too hard about the natural "boar bristle".

  • Shampoo

    Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo £180 for 947 ml

    So it contains actual magic ingredients? Those would be time-released botanical hydrators - molecules tiny enough to pass through the fibre of your hair and moisturize each strand from the inside out, Philip B says.

  • Conditioner

    Revitalash Hair Conditioner - £160 for 45ml

    Say what? Yes, it seems you can put a price on good hair. However, this is described by its makers as a "remarkable cosmetic breakthrough" that makes thin, fragile hair appear thicker and fuller in two weeks.

    Perhaps mindful of the significant cost per milliliter, Revitalash advises just one or two pumps aimed at target areas.

  • Hair mask

    Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence, £79 for 200ml

    Why do I need this? You'd think luxury shampoos and conditioners might save the need for treatments but this mask is aimed at anyone who colours, straightens or blow-dries their hair on a regular basis (quite a large target audience then) and injects "thirst-quenching" Cupuaçu Oil and Manketti Oil.

    In for a penny...

  • Sun Cream

    Sunleya Soin Solaire Anti-Age Sun Care - £143 for 50ml

    But it's winter! Still, UV rays undoubtedly age skin, whatever the season, and this techno suncream gives sun worshippers with the cash to splash the best of both worlds - it "guarantees the protection of cellular DNA" while allowing skin to tan at the same time.

  • Supplements

    Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplements - £69 for a 90-day supply

    Or just buy organic? Well according to Perricone, this "superstar" of supplements is derived from a fish oil that is the "purest and most powerful resource of Omega 3 and DMAE" whatever DMAE is. As well as the usual health benefits, it's said to help elevate mood, regulate weight and support cardiovascular health.

  • Mascara

    Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara Longest Lash - £60 for 9 grams

    No clumping then? No clumping, running, flaking. It's all about layering with this one and while "lengthening" is a word too liberally bandied about by mascara makers, this claim is upheld by Chantecaille's strong fanbase.

    Compiled by Anna Pollitt


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