Victoria Beckham Beauty has just launched a powerhouse serum – and we tried it first

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The serum is VB’s latest foray into the world of skincare. Here’s how we got on when we tried it.

Victoria Beckham launched her eponymous make-up collection, consisting of eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners and sparkly lid lustres in 2019, which was quickly followed by a range of flesh-coloured lipliners.

In true VB style, no stone was left unturned – she, along with her co-founder Sarah Creal (who she worked with a few years earlier on her Estée Lauder collaboration) – created high performance, luxury products with so-called ‘clean’ formulations and environmentally-friendly packaging.

A few months later, Beckham joined forces with Professor Augustinus Bader, a renowned stem cell scientist who had previously created two cult products: The Cream and The Rich Cream, both of which are formulated with a unique Trigger Factor Complex (known as TFC8). It works to support the body’s natural skin cell renewal process, which in turn reduces environmental damage in skin. 

The first product which harnessed Bader’s technology was Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturiser, £92. Now, there’s a second product available in the shape of Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, £180. It also uses Bader’s TCF8 – in a high concentration – and this is the first time it’s been used in a serum. 

That complex has been combined with a potent blend of active molecules, including fragmented hyaluronic acid (to hydrate), niacinamide (to soothe and help prevent blemishes), vitamin E (to protect against pollution and other environmental damage) and olive fruit extract (which helps stimulate new cell growth and has antibacterial properties that are good for acne-prone skin).

Stylist’s beauty editor Lucy was one of the first to try the serum – here’s how she got on…

“This is my first time trying any Victoria Beckham Beauty product, and as a bit of a skincare nerd I was really excited. I met with Sarah Creal at the beginning of January who talked me through the product.

My initial impressions were good: I love a serum simply because they’re always more potent in terms of ingredient levels, and I also learnt that – after a lot of development – the whole product is entirely recyclable. The bottle itself is made of recyclable glass, and it all comes apart so each piece can be individually recycled properly. The box it comes in is made from 100% post-consumer waste and, when it’s shipped, it’s packaged in biodegradable foam that can either be dissolved under running water or is compostable. Immediately my eco-conscience is satisfied.


I’m quite strict with my skincare routine and so this replaced my usual antioxidant and I applied it before my SPF. I’m used to using a pipette to dispense product, but the nozzle on this serum is leak proof which is good in theory – and ideal for travelling – but it’s not always the easiest to get product out. Ultimately, that’s a minor complaint, it’s something I definitely got used to and is definitely not a reason to be put off.

The actual formula is super lightweight, I use around 4-5 drops on my whole face. It sinks in quickly and is really nice to use, which to me is an important factor in any product. Anything that’s too thick, heavy, greasy or oily is an instant red flag.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum review: Lucy's skin before (above) and after (below)

In terms of the difference in my skin, I do feel like it’s much glowier and the post-Christmas blemishes I had a month ago have pretty much all disappeared which I’m going to credit this serum for. The pictures above aren’t great in terms of quality, the lighting and angles are different, but hopefully you can see the general change in my skin.

I know it’s a super expensive product, but in terms of efficacy and the unrivalled, patented technology that it’s formulated with, alongside the recyclable packaging, I think it’s a worthwhile investment. I also think one bottle would last a while: I’ve been using mine every day for around four weeks and I’d say I’ve still got a another three or four months’ usage in it. 

VB, if you’re reading, I very much love it.”

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    Shop Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum at Victoria Beckham Beauty, £180

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Images: Victoria Beckham Beauty / Lucy Partington

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