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The beauty industry is home to thousands, if not millions of skincare products, but I can’t be the only one who often thinks there’s just something missing. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve come up with a ‘brilliant’ idea for a ‘life-changing’ new skincare formula (in my humble opinion, of course).

I’m sure I’m not alone. How many times have you felt frustrated at a lacklustre moisturiser (we know the best moisturisers) and vowed you could make a better one? Or thought that with just a few tweaks, that serum could be undeniably perfect for your skin. And I bet that at least once in your skincare-wearing life you’ve conjured up a genius solution to a time-old beauty bugbear. 

The problem is, our ideas tend to stop right there. Just as ideas. I mean, who actually has the know-how, confidence or funds to turn their dream beauty products into reality? Well, that might be about to change, and it’s all down to this new beauty brand, Volition. 

What is Volition?

Volition is a crowd-sourced and community-driven beauty brand from the US. The brainchild of two industry veterans, Patricia Santos and Brandy Hoffman, the duo has brought their respective supply chain and financial experience to radically rethink the way beauty products are made.

Traditionally, the products that end up on shelves start life in a boardroom, the end result of long pitching sessions in which sales figures and competitor comparisons are converted into flashy new product suggestions. But Santos and Hoffman felt this model needed a switch-up, and so they conjured up a brand model that would put the power into the hands of those that actually use the finished product: the consumer.

That means each and every formula has been conceived by members of the general public, who Volition then team up with the greatest skincare labs around the world to turn their dream product into a reality.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. Have a bright idea for a new skincare product? Head to the Volition website, where anyone and everyone can submit their product suggestions. You don’t have to be a skin expert, or even work in beauty: you just need to be a clever skincare user that’s spotted a gap in the market begging to be filled.

The team behind the brand sift through all the submissions, and put the ones with the strongest case to the beauty community to vote. Anyone can have their say, and the voting process takes place on the brand’s site.

Garner 2000 votes, and the product goes into production. Volition will collaborate with the owners of the chosen ideas (who they call ‘innovators’) to bring the product to life. And better still, these innovators get a cut of the profits from all products sold.

What’s the Stylist verdict?

In beauty, the word ‘revolutionary’ is bandied about far too much. Yes, there are loads of clever people trying to do something different, but if you ask me, there are only a handful of true disruptors (Beauty Pie, The Ordinary…) whose innovations really hold the potential to change the entire industry for the better. And I think Volition might just fit that change maker category.

It really does put the power in consumers’ hands, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t love being able to say ‘I made this skincare product’? But a great business idea will only ever be as good as its formulas. Want to know if the products make the grade? Below, I walk you through my verdict of my favourite ones.

The best Volition products

  • Strawberry-C Brightening Serum


    This is in essence just a really great brightening serum, which uses vitamin C derived from strawberries. but it also has a fascinating story behind it. The formula was inspired by the summers that innovator Varika P spent smearing her face in strawberry stems, as a kind of make-shift beauty treatment. She saw just how much brighter her skin looked at the end of the season, and so pitched the idea of a strawberry-based serum so she could reap the benefits of this ingredient all year round. 

    It’s lightweight, silky and quick to sink in: everything a good serum should be.

    Volition Strawberry-C Brightening Serum, £36

  • Turmeric Brightening Polish


    Skincare acids are the undisputed champion of exfoliation, but if you do enjoy the feeling of a mechanical (grainy) scrub, then you’re bound to like this one. Inspired by a DIY skincare formula passed down through generations of innovator Anuradha K’s family, it uses turmeric to brighten and soften skin, but also contains teeny, tiny natural grains to very, very gently buff away at rough, dead skin. And you can use it on your body too!

    Volition Turmeric Brightening Polish, £32

  • Celery Green Cream


    I’m yet to jump on this celery juice bandwagon, but having tried this cream, I’ll happily take more of it in my skincare. This has to be one of the lightest moisturisers my face has ever experienced, and its watery texture has been a god-send in the heatwave, but it’ll be just as beneficial to anyone with oily skin. And as for the innovator, it was designed by a former USA Olympic gold medalist gymnast, Nastia Liukin.

    Volition Celery Green Cream, £46

  • Snow Mushroom Water Serum


    Snow mushroom is one of these fancy new super ingredients that has started cropped up in recent years, and this serum really reaps it of its full potential. It’s great at drawing in moisture, which is why this serum would work for anyone with patches of dehydrated skin like me. Its innovator, Keidy B, started using snow mushrooms after hearing about them on the internet, and wanted to let others in on the secret.

    Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum, £52

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Images: Courtesy of Volition

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