what is dolphin skin and how do I get it

What actually is the ‘dolphin skin’ skincare trend and how do I get it?

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There’s a new skin trend doing the rounds and it sounds a bit odd to be honest. Here’s everything you need to know about dolphin skin and the very good reason why you might actually want to give it a go yourself…

Beauty trends come and go but social media’s latest glowy skin hack has left the Stylist office somewhat divided. Say hello to ‘dolphin skin’. Confused? Let us explain…

What is dolphin skin?

Much like its predecessor glass skin, dolphin skin is essentially the new way of making your skin look ultra hydrated, glossy and plump – without looking like you’re wearing loads of make-up. Wondering why it’s called dolphin skin? Let us paint you a picture. Sure, a dolphin’s skin might be rubbery and grey – but it’s also slippery smooth, ultra firm and seriously glossy… sounds quite nice now, doesn’t it?

Where did dolphin skin come from?

After much investigative journalism, we’re fairly certain the dolphin skin trend originated from masters of the glow Iconic London. They’ve been sharing dolphin skin tutorials for well over a year, using three products to achieve the look.

Using a combination of Prep-Set-Glow (an ultra-hydrating facial mist), Illuminator (their best-selling and seriously pigmented highlighter) and Sheer Blush (a liquid-gel blusher), Iconic London users on social media have been sharing their #dolphinskin looks for a while. And we’re not going to lie, we’re into the glowy skin finish it leaves. 

How do I get dolphin skin?

The key to getting dolphin skin is all about using thin layers of glow-giving products. First, start with a mist of Iconic London’s cult Prep-Set-Glow facial mist which hydrates the skin, as well as adding an ultra-fine mist of barely-there shimmer. Next, apply a few dots of their bestselling illuminator or your favourite highlighter to add a beam of radiance wherever your skin needs it. Finally, finish off your look by applying a cream blusher (Iconic London’s Sheer Blush is perfect) on the apples of your cheeks. It’s a liquid, gel-like blusher that melts into skin and leaves your skin looking bouncy, fresh and radiant.

The best products for getting the dolphin skin glow

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