11 white nail art ideas to inspire your next manicure

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White nails in any form are perfect for long, hot summers – here are 11 of our favourite nail art ideas for you to screenshot and take to your manicurist. 

Now that nail salons are back in full swing, we can all get the much-needed file and paint that we’ve been desperate for. While there’s a lot of summer nail trends to choose from, one of our favourites is white nails – and it seems that Victoria Beckham agrees.

Posting a picture on Instagram Stories, the fashion designer posed with her white nails, which are filed into a square shape with rounded edges. On the picture, she wrote: “white nails for summer”.

Instagram: Victoria Beckham

Taking inspiration from Beckham’s latest manicure, we’ve rounded up our favourite white nail looks because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more satisfying than a bright white manicure to make you feel like you’re on holiday.

So whether you fancy trying one of these looks yourself, or if you’re planning to visit the salon, here’s some serious inspiration for your next nail job. 

  • The classic white

    Clean, polished and oh-so-satsifying, there’s nothing more chic than a simple all-white manicure.

  • Mix’n’ match animal print

    Jazz up the classic by adding some animal print designs onto a couple of nails.

  • White stars

    Opt for a natural-looking, your-nails-but-better and use white polish to add starry detail.

  • Subtle gold lines

    Super thin gold lines on white add a touch of sparkle.

  • Negative space shimmer

    Paint just a portion of your nail in white and add a layer of glitter that’ll sparkle when the sun catches it.

  • Graphic negative space

    Bold negative space lines create the illusion of complex nail art, but it’s actually easier to recreate than you might think. 

  • White wavy lines

    Mismatched wiggly lines across each nail make for a super fun look.

  • Reverse half moons

    A modern take on the classic French manicure, this negative space look also makes any regrowth a whole lot less noticeable. 

  • Dot to dot

    Possibly the loudest of the lot, this dalmatian print is effective and fully takes advantage of the white base coat. Perfect for all 10 nails, or just a couple if that’s what you’d prefer.

  • Two hearts

    Two mini red hearts at the tip of each ring finger is a nice nod to nail art if you want a bit of something without going too bold. 

  • Off white

    A slightly off-white shade paired with a bold, coffin-shaped nail is the perfect everyday choice. 

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