Why women everywhere need to embrace cellulite in 2018

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Susan Devaney
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It’s time to reclaim (not shame) cellulite

If you search any beauty-focused website or browse any cosmetic counter, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll be faced with a cellulite-banishing cream or three.

Which is exactly why in this week’s issue of Stylist, we’ve investigated when cellulite became a thing of shame. And, more importantly, why women everywhere now need to reclaim it.

Lucy Mountain, @thefashionfitnessfoodie, gets things started by sharing her no-nonsense approach to cellulite below. 

Why you shouldn’t hate your cellulite

“We don’t live in a society which doesn’t have unrealistic expectations of elbows, but we do have [unrealistic expectations] for the dimples on the backs of our thighs,” Mountain explains.

“If you type into Google ‘cellulite’ there will be thousands of results detailing the symptoms, treatments and best preventions for it like it’s some kind of ingrown toe nail. And, yet, the irony of it all is that cellulite is a psychological part of the female human body.”

Just because men don’t get it doesn’t mean it’s shameful 

“In men, their cell structure is more like a criss-cross shape meaning that their fat cells don’t really push through towards the skin. Whereas in women, it is a more linear structure so our fat cells can push through, making a slightly dimpled effect. Cellulite is categorically part of being a woman – regardless of our shape or size,” says Mountain. 

“Anyone that tells you they managed to change their internal cell structure with a cream they bought online is probably being paid for it, and probably doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

Life is too short to care about your thighs 

“Don’t subscribe to it. Save your money for your Netflix subscription or whatever,” says Mountain.

“Thighs wobble. Things move. Skin stretches. Real life is not the airbrushed skin that we see on Instagram.”

More importantly, we will not care about cellulite when we’re older. 

“When we’re 85 years old, we’re not going to be reminiscing about how smooth or dimpled the backs of our thighs were,” explains Mountain.

“They’re not flaws that you need to embrace. We’re not marked or damaged. You don’t need to call them you’re little pin pricks of cuteness. You just need to accept them like you do your elbows.”

You can watch Lucy Mountain’s video in full above, and read our investigation in full here