These 4 women swapped their go-to beauty with their friends' and this is what happened

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Ever wondered what would happen if you gave your friends full control of your make-up bag? We found out…

We all have our failsafe makeup looks that we know look good, whether we’re looking fresh or need a little convincing in the morning.

Which makes them particularly hard to stray from. 

But half the fun of make-up is trying new looks, and usually the people that look at us the most (our friends) have something to say about what to try next. They are, after all, the ones that often love features we have bugbears about. 

So, we set four women the challenge of switching up their looks based on their friends suggestions.


Amy: “I tend to focus on my lips, switching up between either nudes or reds depending on how tired I look. It’s an easy way to look like I’ve made an effort without actually having to.”

Amy’s friend Emma: “Although Amy always looks great with a bold lip, she has stunning green eyes that I would put more of the focus on. I’d love her to try a smokey eye in earthy tones to really draw attention to them.”

Amy’s verdict: “Even though I’m all for easy makeup, I’m definitely going to try this on my next night out. The Burt’s Bees Dusky Woods eyeshadow palette was super easy to blend and is also cruelty free which is great for a veggie like me.”

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Alicia: “For my usual go-to-look I focus mostly on my eyes - black eyeliner and kajal for a soft and natural look, especially as it’s quite quick and easy to apply without making too much effort.”

Alicia’s friend Kelly: “I’d keep Alicia’s sultry black eyeliner but add a bright red lip. Alicia has long lashes so you are naturally drawn to her eyes anyway but she has a natural pout which is perfect for a bold colour.”

Alicia’s verdict: “I feel like the red really brightens my face and I feel kind of powerful in it… I’ll probably start trusting Kelly’s suggestion a bit more now!”

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Maria: “I so rarely wear make-up. I stretch to a blush once in a while but I’m at the point where I actually have no idea how to apply much more…”

Maria’s friend Alex: “Maria has a gorgeous olive tone to her skin so she basically looks sun-kissed all the time (it’s a point of envy for me). Because she has such an amazing base, I’d try a graphic eyeliner - something that makes a statement without being too heavy.”

Maria: “This is honestly so out there for me. I feel like I should be in a magazine shoot, but that’s no bad thing. It’s also simple enough that I can do myself. I really like that the Burt’s Bees foundation was 100% natural and didn’t feel heavy on my skin.”

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Jasmine: “Day to day, I like a transitional look something that can work day or night because life is unpredictable and I want to be effortlessly ready for the bounce. I like a more natural look, so just a flick of mascara and a nude - but it’s got to be strong one.”

Jasmine’s friend Clare: “Jaz usually goes for a fresh make-up look but I’d love to see her go for something daring like a bright eye with a matching lip as she could definitely pull it off.”

Jasmine: “I am feeling this. The pink is way bolder than what I’d usually go for but I kind of love it as it highlights my cheekier side. Clare also taught me this great trick - use a creamy pink blush stick on your eyelids first and then go over with a pink powder to really make the colour pop. I also mixed two liquid lipsticks to make the colour match my lids.”

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