From zig-zag partings to butterfly clips – these 00s hair trends are making a comeback

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00s hair trends

Forget bouncy blow-dries and beachy waves, the hair trends dominating right now are a throwback to our youth. Get your accessories at the ready…

Thanks to TikTok, Gen Z and, well… Bella Hadid, some of our favourite noughties hair trends are making a resurgence. From Sabrina’s infamous zig-zag parting to the butterfly clips we lost somewhere around Y2K, our hair seems to have travelled through a time warp, landing smack back at the beginning of the millennium. 

Ready to relive your youth? Get ready to nip down to Claire’s because if TikTok is right, these 00s hair trends aren’t going anywhere…

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The best 00s hair trends making a resurgence in 2021

Zig-zag partings

Arguably the most 00s hair trend there ever was – the zig-zag parting is back. Not sure how to recreate it? Simply use a fine tail comb to draw a zig-zag across your scalp, et voilà! The easiest hair trend you’ll ever try. Draw attention to your parting by slicking down the rest of your hair like Bella Hadid, above. 

Claw clips

With over 223 million TikTok views of videos that mention them, claw clips aren’t going anywhere. They make for a super easy and chic up-do, so we’re not mad that this hair trend is making a resurgence. 


Bringing back major S Club 7 memories, Bella Hadid is making a strong case for the return of the bandana hair accessory trend. Worn with your hair up, down, plaited or poker straight – if the high street is anything to go by, bandanas are very much back in style.

Butterfly clips

Yep, butterfly clips are officially back and there’s a new way to wear them in 2021. Rather than using butterfly clips to pin back the front pieces of your hair (think Gwen Stefani circa 2002), the 2021 way to wear butterfly clips is to scatter them along the entire length of your hair. Cute. 

More-is-more hair clips

Another more-is-more hair clip trend: the simple snap clip. The only rule here? The more you can fit into your side parting, the better. Follow Lizzo’s lead by slicking down your hair with an equally 00s hair serum.

Super-skinny plaits 

Name a more iconic high-school hair trend than the moussed-back ponytail and super skinny front sections left loose. Well, Bella Hadid’s bringing this one back too – only she’s making it even more 00s by plaiting those front sections. Surprisingly, we’re into it. 

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