3 podcasts you need to download immediately

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Sick of your hellish commutes? Find a podcast from our list below and make it a whole lot better

We all know the feeling. An unreasonably sized backpack is pushing you uncomfortably close to someone’s armpit on the tube and you’re wishing you could be anywhere else. Sure, dreaming of sea breezes in the Maldives may help, but one of the best ways to take yourself somewhere totally different is through the power of podcasts.

And what better reason to download some new stories to escape into than today, World Voice Day – a celebration of the incredible impact voices have on us.

To mark the event, Audible (makers of Jon Ronson’s brilliantly bizarre The Butterfly Effect and Esther Perel’s heart-breaking Where Should We Begin?) have released three new fiction podcasts with something for everyone.

Each podcast features six short stories written exclusively for Audible that are just about the right length for a commute. Award-winning authors have all created work specially made to be listened to, including New York Times bestselling novelist Sophie Hannah, Booker Prize winner Ben Okri and Chocolat author Joanne Harris

Find the perfect podcast below and get ready to leave the commuter chaos behind you.

If you love a bit of Scandi noir

The Skald podcast delves into the world of crime, with a collection of dark and twisted stories from the likes of Emma Dibdin and Parker Bilal. You’ll find yourself sinking into the lies shared between a seemingly normal family that come to the surface through a series of creepy texts, and pouring yourself into a detective’s case that has plenty of witnesses but no body. If you like your audio gritty, this is the one for you.

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If you’re still trying to get a Stranger Things fix

Ships carrying the last hope for humanity into space, a superhero who realises he can’t actually be seen and wonders whether he’s being erased entirely, and lab experiments that sound eerily realistic (à la Black Mirror). Intrigued? Thought so. It’s all in the Jali podcast, a collection of smart and surreal sci-fi tales that are pretty out there, man.

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If you’re looking to stretch your emotional capacity

If you’re looking for some thought-provoking literature and a gentle, slightly emosh jaunt down fiction lane, then the Bard is just the thing. In this series of audio stories, you’ll find yourself listening to marital problems from a child’s perspective, a young boy coming of age in a dark and dangerous way, and share a woman’s personal crisis as she grapples with the concept of motherhood. 

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To celebrate the release of Audible’s three exclusive podcasts on World Voice Day, Audible is giving three Stylist readers a year’s free Audible subscription. To be in with a chance of winning, answer the question below…

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