Bookworms, these 11 beautiful libraries are all available to rent on Airbnb

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“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”

Anne Quindlen’s words sum up everything we love most about literature; a good book has the power to lift your imagination and transport you to somewhere entirely new. So, when it comes to planning the dream holiday, it makes perfect sense to surround yourself with as many books as possible.

To save you some room in your suitcase, we’ve teamed up with Airbnb to bring you a list of gorgeous listings from around the world – all of which feature well-stocked libraries. So, whether you pick the 16th century castle, the sprawling New Orleans mansion, the rustic Parisian loft, or somewhere completely different, you’ll be able to satisfy your inner bibliophile perfectly.

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  • Paris, France

    Located in an ancient industrial building, this rustic loft has books stacked as high as the ceiling – and, thanks to the stairwell, there’s no ladder necessary when it comes to retrieving your chosen tome.

    • Sleeps 11 people
    • From £405 per night
  • Edinburgh, UK

    You can even sleep inside a bookcase in this stylish listing on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £100 per night
  • New Orleans, USA

    This amazing New Orleans listing allows you to curl up surrounded by books – which means that you’ll never run out of bedtime reading material.

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £100 per night
  • Brittany, France

    This powder blue Regency-style library in Brittany has given us serious Beauty and the Beast vibes – and, if it’s good enough for Belle, it’s more than good enough for us.

    • Sleeps 13 people
    • From £222 per night
  • Washington, USA

    This large and light library in Washington is the perfect place to lose yourself in a good book in front of the roaring fire.

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £66 per night


  • Wigtown, UK

    This one really is a dream for bookworms, as it gives you the chance to run your very own bookshop in Scotland.

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £28 per night
  • Miami, USA

    If your perfect bookworm getaway involves tropical sunshine and plenty of beach time, check out the Library Room in Miami

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £41 per night
  • Sydney, Australia

    For those venturing Down Under, make sure to check out this lovely library.

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £63 per night
  • Valletta, Malta

    This lovely and quiet vintage library studio in Malta offers rooftop views of the sea; we recommend decamping to the hammock with a good hardback…

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £96 per night 
  • Dirleton, UK

    This 16th century tower is fit for a queen – and so is its library.

    • Sleeps 13 people
    • From £1200 per night
  • California, USA

    This sweet little cabin – dubbed ‘The Library House’ by its owners – sits on a hillside surrounded by redwood trees, with a glorious view of the ocean.

    • Sleeps 2 people
    • From £78 per night


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