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Welcome to a summer of seriously good reading, as breakout debuts, insightful memoirs and essays jostle with addictive thrillers that are redefining the genre, thought-provoking poetry and big-name releases. Yes, there’s a lot to get through, but fear not: we’ve drummed up the definitive reading list of 2021 for all the joy, escapism and insight you need. Read this week’s digital magazine now to find what you need to be reading next.

In the latest issue, Stylist’s editor-in-chief, Lisa Smosarski, celebrates the launch of the inaugural Stylist Literary Festival — which kicks off today with Lisa Taddeo and Raven Leilani — plus we highlight five game-changing sunscreens to help keep harmful UV rays at bay.

Also in issue 556…

● Discover the apps using science to help you find love

● Influencer Alice Liveing chats to Stylist about rethinking fitness and how she almost quit Instagram

● The indie fashion brands to know this summer

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