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“The more that you read, the more that you know, the more things you will learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Christmas is the perfect time to live by this Dr. Seuss adage, especially when your festive spirit wears thin. Even better, you can create a custom-built book nook to retreat to. 

This doesn’t need to be sophisticated: we’re not talking kitchen conversions here. 

Instead, it’s about carving out space to call your own; a cosy den to disappear to with a cuppa and your catch-up reading list. 

Sound tempting? We’ve rounded up some ideas from the wonderful world of Instagram to get you started. 

Grab your favourite books and a few Mince Pies, and get set to hunker down:

Use bold splashes of colour

Bold colours are a great way of bringing charisma to a space, and focusing its function. Stamp ownership of your book nook with a quick dab of terracotta, turquoise or amber paint, then match accessories accordingly. It’s a quick fix for making your hideout feel chic and distinct. 

Cosy touches are key

Anything soft and textured is a win for your book nook. Think cashmere throws, fluffy rugs and giant cushions that all but consume you the moment you sit down.

Choose a nook with a view

If you can strategically place your book nook around a window, so much the better. Reading just feels better in the company of grand old trees, or a skylight snippet of the clouds.

Get creative with display

Want to colour code your books? Your nook is the place to do it. This is a corner to unleash your inner creative streak, whether that means wall cubes made out of vintage wine boxes, or diagonal shelving. Keep it simple for the best results.

Think outside the box

Small is beautiful when it comes to book nooks, so it’s worth really scoping out your home for unused space. An under-stairs cupboard could be a great option. Sure, there’s a little more work involved in transforming it, but the Harry Potter vibes are more than worth the result. 

Bring on the prints and fabrics

The best nooks come alive with a mix of lighting, cushions and framed prints - as well as the books themselves. Patterned fabrics bring energy to small spaces like these, so don’t be afraid to go to town on them (you can balance them out with a white backdrop, too).

Let your loft do the talking

Lofts are often too low to do anything significant with, so they make the perfect reading retreat. All you need is some plastering, a lick of paint, a load of cushions and some fairy lights. Plus, a ladder; preferably one which runs up a bookshelf, so you can arm yourself with reads on your journey skywards.

Keep it simple

Remember, the joy of a great book nook is in its simplicity. A few cushions and a window will do the trick, especially when the view is as cracking as this. 

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