Your new £10 note might be worth a LOT of money if it features this little detail

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As we all know already, feminist badass and legendary author Jane Austen has replaced Charles Darwin on the £10 note – making her the only woman to feature on our currency at the moment (other than, y’know, Queen Elizabeth II).

And, while fans of the Pride and Prejudice writer remain extremely unimpressed by the Bank of England’s awkward blunder on the new plastic note, others are busy working out ways to make their £10 go even further.

That’s right: just like the new £5 notes, there are some very valuable versions of the Jane Austen note going into circulation – and, if you stumble across one, it could make you thousands of pounds.

According to, the Bank of England is hosting an auction on 6 October, where there will be the opportunity to bid for a series of the special notes. The serial codes that will be available to bid for will be announced later this week – and, while spokespersons have refused to comment on the prices they are expecting to receive, they did hint it would be a lot.

Commenting on the success of a similar auction for last year’s fivers, a spokesman said: “In total we received £194,500 from the auction last year, including a bid of £8,500 for a single £5 note.

“Every note is unique. Last year we sold 332 of the notes and the proceeds went to three different charities.”


So, while we don’t yet know which will be up for auction (or indeed, how much they could cost you), there are some serial numbers worth keeping an eye out for that might end up in general circulation.

According to Change Checker, we need to look out for some key Jane Austen dates.

These include:

  • Serial numbers 16 121775 and 18 071817 ( the author’s date of birth and death) 
  • Serial number 17 751817 (her birth and death year combined) 
  • Serial number 28 011813 (the date Pride and Prejudice was first published)

Collectors are also predicted to go wild for any note containing a serial number which begins with AAO1, as these will adorn the first printed notes. AK47 and James Bond’s 007 will undoubtedly prove popular once again, too.

And “consecutively numbered notes are always interesting to collectors too; one man sold three consecutive AA01 notes for £456.”

Of course, it’s not always about finding the perfect number – sometimes it’s about finding a memorable mistake, which is why misprinted notes always sell so highly on auction sites.

Speaking to, eBay revealed: “Printing errors add to the value of bank notes. Errors may include notes without all the colours, with ink blurs or running ink, or with missing serial numbers.

“A noteworthy printing error occurred in 2002, when printed serial numbers rubbed off new British five pound notes.”

No matter how much money your note is worth, though, it will undoubtedly be special: not only does it represent a huge step forward for womankind, but it also boasts a cool hidden feature.

Think a coloured quill that changes from purple to orange when you tilt the note. Awesome.

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