Ladybird releases hilarious grown-up guide to dealing with a breakup

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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No childhood was complete without a Ladybird book.

Informing us on everything from princesses and witches, to the history of railways and space travel, the beautifully illustrated hardbacks were the staple of our early reading material.

And for those who long for a return to that simpler time of learning through pictures, repetition and clearly worded text, fear not. The hilarious spoof series of Ladybird Books for Grown-ups has finally returned this week, with a welcome focus on navigating that most adult of topics – relationships.

Namely, one of the books in particular spotlights something we have all had to deal with at some point in our lives, and the clever pairing of sarcastic text with classic Ladybird illustrations will (hopefully) shine a bit of humour on even the most dire of situations.

We give to you: The Ladybird Book of The Ex.

The ex

A brilliant and darkly funny look at the spin-cycle of emotions we have all experienced during a bad break-up, the book tackles everything from cheating to divorce, failed proposals and plotting revenge, to – finally, maybe, probably not – moving on.


Told in the classic Ladybird style of pairing one page of text with one page of pictures, the book revisits some of the original artwork used over the last 102 years of Ladybird books – with great effect.

After all, there’s nothing like a spot of nostalgia for easing the pain of heartache.


Bound to make even the most recently of heartbroken singletons smile, the pocket-sized book covers every stage of a break-up in brilliant detail, from those fast-regretted calls to an ex to a carefully plotted revenge strategy.


Written by comedians Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, who have so far penned 21 of the spoof adult guides, the book is one of 11 new titles released by publisher Penguin this week.

Told in the comedy duo’s bitingly funny style, the series offers a satirical guide to adulthood, with bestselling titles ironically including How it works: The Husband and How it works: The Wife.

And with over five million copies of the books being sold in 24 hours, it’s clear we have an appetite for being told how (not) to live our adult lives.


If you’re seeking guidance in other relationships in life, then you’re in luck, with other titles published this week including How it works: The Sister and How it works: The Brother.

There is even a millennial-friendly guide to finding a “new you”, packed full of moments that will be familiar to us all...

the ex

You can browse the whole series, priced at £7.99 a book, here.

Images: Courtesy of Penguin