The new cookbooks to boost your culinary know-how in 2017

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Want to reignite your enthusiasm for cooking but not sure where to start?

We’ve picked out 10 new cookbooks to show you some simple ways to update your culinary repertoire whatever your taste. After new ways with veg, saintly baking ideas, a taste of Persia or a way to tap into the latest food trends? Simply scroll through our gallery below to find your food bible for 2017.

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Words: Esther Harris

  • Power Vegetables, Peter Meehan

    Whether you can’t afford it, can’t digest it or are just plain over it, more people than ever seem to be ditching a meat-packed diet. Respected foodie mag Lucky Peach presents “turbocharged recipes for vegetables with guts” in this tome bursting with colour, humour and recipes (such as tempura green beans with honey mustard) to make your veggie journey a delight.

    RRP £25,

  • Taste of Persia, Naomi Duguid

    Persians have a love for “the fresh and the green” and the base for many of the area’s mouthwatering signature dishes are a taste explosion of sour plums and cherries, limes, and lashings of fresh herbs. For afters, calm the whole thing down with a beautiful rose water pudding.

    RRP £25,

  • Quick Quick Slow, Allegra McEvedy

    Love the results of slow cooking but sometimes need to, well, speed it up a bit? Allegra McEvedy’s new book enables you to do precisely that: it combines the best bits of slow cooking (smug early prep, soft meat) with some quick-cooking hacks to keep things fresh and speedy at the end. Genius.

    RRP £20,

  • The Book of Matcha, Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby

    The New York fashion crowd start their day with a ‘matcha shot’, but perhaps you prefer a gentler evening brew or a ‘tea’ cake? Either way, versatile and antioxidant-rich – and 10 times more powerful than the normal green stuff – matcha is hailed as the ‘superhero’ of tea. And those behind Teapigs know their tea.

    RRP £18.99,

  • Wood-Fired Flatbreads & Pancakes, David and Holly Jones

    You know that really amazing smell when you walk in a pub garden and a waft of chargrilled food tickles your nose? You can recreate that at home. With wood-fired ovens now a top seller, try making some lush chargrilled flatbreads and pancakes at home under the guidance of the experts at Manna from Devon Cooking School.

    RRP £9.99,

  • Sous Vide at Home, Lisa Q Fetterman

    Bring Masterchef to your humble kitchen and sous vide the hell out of meat and fish. This nifty little machine does it all for you, producing stress-free and never-dry, cooked-to-perfection food every time. You’ll soon be syringing gels and all sorts.

    RRP £25,

  • Raw Cake, The Hardihood

    Sugar-free friends – don’t you just love them? Instead of silently screaming when they stay for dessert, whip them up one of these amazing but healthy puds by raw cake specialists The Hardihood. They had us at toffee cacao cheesecake…

    RRP £16.99 (available 9 February),

  • Mary Berry Everyday, Mary Berry

    What’s not to love about a woman who makes baking toffee cupcakes and white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake a total breeze? Practice your smug “Its fine, I just whipped these up this morning” face now.

    RRP £26,

  • Rhapsody in Green, Charlotte Mendelson

    Do you possess a tiny square of brown that you dream of one day turning into a lush spice garden or vegetable patch? Charlotte Mendelson understands and her book will inspire those starting out. She grows over 100 “beautiful, useful, unusual” things in her tiny urban space and offers up some yummy recipes to get the max from them.

    RRP £16.99,

  • Fresh and Simple, Leyli Mustafaeva and Rena Lavery

    Dull January and zero money to hop on a plane? Get some Ozzie positivity on a plate, by trying some yummy breakfast and brunch recipes from the sunny cooks behind the Brown & Rosie café brand.

    RRP £25,