Book-lovers, this candle of dreams smells like old libraries

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If you’re a self-confessed bookworm with a penchant for old and charming libraries, you’ll want to add this to your Christmas list. 

As the winter months continue to roll in, is there anything better than getting comfy, lighting a candle and snuggling up with a good book and a cup of tea? Well, one genius brand has rolled all of these deliciously cosy notions into one scented candle.

You might know The Cambridge Satchel Company for its quirky-coloured bags (and the inspiring story of its female founder). For the first time ever, the brand is expanding to include lifestyle products such as a cashmere scarf, diffuser, and - most importantly to us – a candle that captures the smell of old books.

The 200g creamy-coloured candle (£30) was designed to evoke the charms of Cambridge, the hometown of founder Julie Deane, and will be available to buy online later this week.

The historic city is known for its beautiful libraries, university heritage, the picturesque River Cam and plenty of snug coffee shops. It was Deane’s aim to conjure up the essence of all these things, and Cambridge life, in the “happy and uplifting” candle.

True to the brand’s personal nature, there’s a story woven into every ingredient used. “Bergamot reminds us of Earl Grey Tea,” a product description reads. “A cup of tea can fix almost anything. Ozonic notes signify fresh air and crisp water. It reminds us of sitting by the River Cam.

“A little vanillin has the quality of old books. Education is at the heart of our hometown and our story.”

Cambridge scented candle, £30

Deane, who started the home-grown company at her kitchen table in a bid to send her children to a better school, says the scent is a homage to the atmosphere of Cambridge.

“Cambridge is the most incredibly beautiful place,” she says. “It’s hard not to be inspired by its energy, yet it still has an elegant calmness.

“I wanted to create a home fragrance that really sums up my hometown. I smell this candle and I think it has that optimism, that energy I was hoping to portray, but there’s also a comfortable base of the tranquility and the tradition of Cambridge.

“It’s a home fragrance that makes me feel uplifted the moment I go home.”

After we welcomed the arrival of Hygge with open, outstretched and (potentially obsessive) arms in our homes and offices last year, it’s fair to say that our love of candles and attempts at achieving that warm, fuzzy feelings knows no bounds.

What’s more, as unabashed bookworms - who regularly dream of living in a Beauty and the Beast style library (like these ones on Airbnb) - we can’t contain our excitement at the thought of filling our homes with the familiar scent of old tomes.

To ensure you make the most of your candle, The Cambridge Satchel Company recommend burning it for at least two hours every time you use it to keep the wax level. They also suggest trimming the wick after each use. If you’re a real candle aficionado, check out our list of expert tips on how to treat yours right. 

Images: Clay Banks / The Cambridge Satchel Company 


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