The most popular 2017 Christmas advert has been revealed

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Susan Devaney
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Many a Christmas advert for 2017 has captured our hearts, but one has officially been crowned the winner. 

From heart-warming tales of teddy bears to loveable monsters under the bed, this year there have been many Christmas-themed adverts to pluck at our heartstrings.

But, one has reigned supreme: Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot.

That’s right, the cute orange vegetable has beat the likes of John Lewis’s Moz the Monster under the bed and Marks & Spencer’s spin on Paddington Bear.

According to data firm 4C Insights, after analysing loads of social media posts to see peoples’ reactions to the Christmas adverts, they narrowed it down to a top 10.

And they’re right! Who doesn’t love Kevin and Katie Carrot? Viewers were clearly enchanted watching their blossoming relationship play out on screen after Kevin saved Katie from being hit with a petit pois. All together now: “awwwww”.

Which is most probably why Aldi scored 152% while Boots came in at a close second with 141%. 

The data firm compiled their list based on the “social lift” it produced online within five minutes of the advert going live, and how many times the brand was mentioned across social media platforms before it officially aired.

It concluded that the top 10 adverts were:

1. Aldi (152%)

2. Boots (141%)

3. Tesco (120%)

4. Lidl (100%)

5. Sainsbury’s (99%)

6. Vodafone (77%)

7. Coca-Cola (70%)

8. Waitrose (70%)

9. Marks & Spencer (64%)

10. John Lewis (54%)

But Marks & Spencer did top the ‘sentimentality’ list with 87.5% of tweets posted being seen as positive.

The tale sees Paddington Bear lending a hand to Santa Claus to make sure all of the presents (that were previously stolen) are delivered in time for Christmas Day. 

The top 10 adverts that were seen as being the most sentimental were:

1. Marks & Spencer (87.5%)

2. Aldi (85.9%)

3. Boots (81.9%)

4. Apple (80.5%)

5. Waitrose (78.1%)

6. John Lewis (71.2%)

7. Sainsbury’s (71.1%)

8. Coca-Cola (68.9%)

9. Tesco (63.6%)

10. Lidl (63.5%)

These companies sure do know how to get to us. Pass the tissues.

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