Christmas Gift Guide: 10 tasty presents for your foodie friend

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Check out our imaginative and unique Christmas gift ideas especially for the foodie in your life.   

Christmas is a time for festivity, fun, and fantastically indulgent food. While we might try and balance our brownies and glasses of rosé out with some kale and blueberries during the year, Christmas is a foodie free-for-all. 

For most, treating ourselves is one of the best parts of the season, but there are some who take their food-obsession to a whole other level: the foodie. You’ll recognise a foodie friend because they bake copious amounts of (beautifully decorated) gingerbread cookies; prepare Christmas dinner with feverish excitement and scrupulous attention to detail; and they can be really hard to buy for.

It may be hard to find the perfect gift for a foodie who knows way more about food than you do, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the best out-of-the-box Christmas gift ideas, from pasta-making kits to chocolate recipes and aesthetic kitchen accessories.

  • Trebs popcorn and crepe maker

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: popcorn maker
    Christmas gift guide for foodies: popcorn and crepe maker.

    This clever little thing can cater to all your sweet treat needs, whipping up both popcorn and crepes.

    It’s the perfect gift to give someone a dose of nostalgia, as it reminds us of childhood parties and sleepovers, while also being a great tool for festive season events as an adult. Whether you think your friend would use it for hosting friends or for carb-loading the day after the Christmas party, this is surely a winner.

    Urban Outfitters, £30

  • Eres measuring cups

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: Anthropologie measuring cups
    Christmas gift guide for foodies: Anthropologie measuring cups.

    It’s time to retire those plastic measuring cups and try a more beautiful kind of baking. 

    A perfect combination of useful but aesthetic, these pretty measuring cups will spice up your friend’s baking life and inspire them to get even more creative in the kitchen. 

    Anthropologie, £28

  • Cocoa: An Exploration of Chocolate book

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: Cocoa: An Exploration of Chocolate
    Christmas gift guide for foodies: Cocoa: An Exploration of Chocolate.

    Have you ever wandered why chocolate is just so irresistible? Well, this book has the answer. Cocoa: An Exploration of Chocolate book is an exploration of the cultural heritage chocolate – a food which has beguiled us for millennia. 

    Interspersed with tantalising recipes which showcase its versatility, readers can learn how to make classics such as salted caramel and lime chocolate sauce while also learning about more out-there chocolatey combinations (think: sticky slow-roasted beef short ribs with cocoa and maple). This gift is perfect for any chocolate-loving foodie. And by that, of course, we mean all foodies.

    Anthropologie, £25. 

  • Honey and truffle gift box

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: Honey and truffle gift box
    Christmas gift guide for foodies: honey and truffle gift box.

    This selection of hand-crafted artisanal truffle and honey snacks makes a great gift for someone who loves experimenting with different taste palettes. 

    From French black truffle mustard to Italian honey, this box will bring the intoxicating smells and delicate tastes of Europe right to your doorstep. What’s more, it’s incredibly Instagrammable. Adorned with hand-picked dry flowers, a natural wooden box and hessian ribbon, this gift tastes as good as it looks.

    Not On The Highstreet, £54     

  • Stoneware glacé breakfast set

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: Stoneware glacé breakfast set.

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with this pastel set, it can be the prettiest too. 

    Le Creuset is known for its on-point colour palettes, but this new collection takes their aesthetic to a whole new level. The set includes four mugs, four espresso mugs and four egg cups all in beautiful pastel shades, with a pearlised finish that will have any foodie practically salivating at the breakfast set alone.

    Le Creuset, £91. 

  • Giardino metal herb planter

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: herb planter.

    This one’s for the students, for the renters, for anyone who doesn’t have an outdoors space. Life without a garden isn’t too challenging for most of us, but for a foodie, it can be difficult. 

    How do you make a rosemary, sage and butter gnocchi without any rosemary or sage? How do you make pesto without basil? Well, here’s the answer: a herb planter. And it’s not only good for your pasta sauces, growing herbs is a lovely way to bring some of the outside in and nurturing your mini herb garden could be used as a form of mindfulness, too. Someone pass us the parsley, it’s time to party.

     Amara, £40.

  • Luxury fresh pasta making kit

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: fresh pasta making kit.
    Christmas gift guide for foodies: fresh pasta making kit.

    We reckon most foodies would agree that pasta is the god of all carbs. But making pasta from scratch is tricky; it’s time consuming, fiddly, and it requires a lot of skill. 

    Enter this fresh pasta making kit, which will have you and your friend making ravioli and gnocchi as though you were raised in Italy and brought up on a diet of salted juicy tomato salad and red wine. 

    The set includes: pasta flour, pasta cutter, rolling pin, gnocchi maker, ravioli stamp and – crucially – instructions. This is not just a gift; this is a gift with the power to transport your dinner guests to sunny Italy in one blissful mouthful (for a lot less than a plane ticket).

    Not On The Highstreet, £25.

  • Cook book holder

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: cook book holder.

    If your foodie friend is always the first to put their hand up to host a dinner party or have your gang round, we’ve thought of a way you can try and repay them for all the hours spent in the kitchen. This chic cook book holder not only looks beautiful, but it takes a little bit of the work out of reading recipes.

    With a carved front to hold the book open and a wire frame, this stand can hold books and iPads alike – and can be folded and put away effortlessly. This is the future, and we’re on board.

    Not On The Highstreet, £28.95.     

  • Popaball blue pearl shimmer bubbles for gin

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: gin shimmer pearl.
    Christmas gift guide for foodies: gin shimmer pearl.

    Gin is one of the UK’s most popular spirits, but just when we thought we couldn’t love this tipple anymore, we’ve found a product to make it even more magical. 

    These blue pearl bubbles will transform an average gin and tonic into a glittery triumph. Perfect for any party, this is the secret shimmery ingredient you need to perform a gin-related glow-up. Plus, it’s perfect for the ‘gram. Win win.

    Urban Outfitters, £8.     

  • Brooklyn Brew Shop Make Your Own Sparkling Rose Kit

    Christmas gift guide for foodies: wine making kit.

    Rosé is not only a delicious drink; it also has magical powers. Sharing a bottle of rosé with close friends will inevitably result in putting the world to rights; be that solving the issue of an overprotective ex or working out exactly what to wear to an important interview. And now, you have the chance to make your own. 

    That’s right; embrace your inner Brooklyn hipster, don your black beanie hat and get brewing. We can absolutely guarantee that it will taste so much better when you’ve made it yourself (isn’t everything homemade objectively superior?).

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