The funniest, most alternative Christmas cards

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Susan Devaney

Whether you’re looking to buy a card for a loved one, work wife or your nearest and dearest, pick a funny one. 

Sending a card or a thank-you note is not only a British tradition, but it’s also a lovely, heartfelt gesture, too.

So why not then for Christmas this year, send a card that packs a punch and one that your partner, friend or whomever will want to display for all to see.

From Paperchase to Scribbler, plenty of brands have penned some witty options to make us all open an envelope and laugh this December.

But you’ll have to act fast as Royal Mail has announced its post deadline: Tuesday 18 for second class mail and Thursday 20 for first class mail.

Hop to it, and pick a card below to add a smile to someone special this festive season. 

Oh cheesus Christmas card, £1.50, Paperchase

Mince Pies Before Guys card, from £2.49, Scribbler 

Cats dinner Christmas card, £2.50, Paperchase 

All I Want For Christmas Is Theroux card, £2.25, Etsy 

Rudolph’s Drag Race card, from £2.49, Scribbler 

Sledgehog Christmas card, £3.35, Papier 

Bah, humpug Christmas card, £2.50, Paperchase

Jon Snowman personalised Christmas card, from £1.99, Funkypigeon

Christmas armadillo card, £3.35, Papier 

Avocardo Christmas card, £2.50, Paperchase

Images: Courtesy of brands 


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