Christmas Gift Guide: 13 things for the big kids among us

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Christmas gift ideas that will appeal to big kids, and small ones too. 

When it comes to embracing Christmas magic, you’re as young as you feel. 

Although the mystery of who nibbled on the mince pies might have been solved (many) years ago, this jolly time of year still puts a spring in our steps as if we were young whippersnappers once again. 

So if you’re looking for gifts for little ones, or big ones that are in touch with their inner child, you might like this eclectic mix of playful presents. 

From the silly to the sentimental, we can guarantee they’ll make for some good entertainment come Christmas day. 

Fish flops

What do you buy for the person who has everything? Footwear that looks like a salmon of course! (other fish are available).

Nursery rhymes

Heartwarming and enduring verse from the creator of Winnie The Pooh.

Get the point

However non-gendered we’d like kids’ clothes to be, the appeal of a pink unicorn remains.

Legorium constructio!

Buy this Hogwarts Great Hall set for a niece or nephew and then spend the best Christmas day ever ‘helping’ them build it.

Too cute

This, plus a child equals dangerous levels of cute. Liable to give Aunty Jean a turn.

Curl up

A hot water bottle you can wrap around you is the stuff of dreams.

Fist of fun

Child’s reaction when they get a working Iron Man hand: “OH! MY! GOD!” 

Big kids

Re-enact the scene from Big with your grandad on an actual FOA Schwarz piano mat.

Make your mark

Adorn your own T-shirt with that witty slogan the world needs to see. And it’ll glow in the dark!

Play ruff

Illustrator Jean Jullien joins forces with Yolky Games to create Dodgy Dogs, a hilariously original pooch-matching game.

Final draft

David Shrigley can make anything funny. Case in point, this friendly-faced draft excluder.

Night rider

Retro style plus light-up wheels equals the most fun way to carve up the streets.

Roll up, roll up

Learn all the basics of the circus – maybe not a good present for Aunty Jean. 

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