Marks & Spencer’s new Christmas advert is an upbeat ode to the festive jumper

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Lauren Geall
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There’s no tears here: Marks & Spencer’s 2019 Christmas advert is seriously feel-good and full of fun. 

When it comes to Christmas adverts, we love a good-old tear jerker as much as the next person. Whether it’s telling the tale of two teddy bears uniting with their family or following the heart-warming revival of a beloved children’s character, the classic Christmas ad is jam-packed with elements to pull at our heart strings.

Marks & Spencer, however, has decided to take a different approach for Christmas 2019 - giving us feel-good in a stand-up-and-dance kind of way.

Taking a spin on the classic House of Pain tune Jump Around, the advert starts with a woman at home listening to the TV, only to have the jumper on the table in front of her start twitching and moving. 

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Grabbing the jumper and chucking it on (as you do when an inanimate object starts moving in front of you) the woman heads out into the street in her new Christmassy attire, as the jumper leads her into a dance.

Cut to outside her house, and there’s a whole host of people jumping around in their Christmas jumpers (see what they did there?). From an office to the drivers seat of a car, people everywhere are having a dance in their jumpers, whether they’re waiting for a bus or sitting on the sofa.

Marks & Spencer advert
What more could you want from Christmas than a dog in a jumper?

The advert ends with a shot of the woman’s dog wearing his very own jumper – what more could you want from Christmas?

Besides the fact that the dancing is incredibly fun to watch, it’s the catchy tunes of Jump Around that promise to make this advert stay in our heads for many days to come.

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The 2019 M&S Christmas advert is available to watch online now.

Images: Marks & Spencer