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Create a life you love with manifestation

Friday 16th July @ 15.00

Posted by Leanne Evans for The Curiosity Academy

There’s nothing stopping you from creating the life you love – especially after transformational business coach and wellness expert Leanne Evans has equipped you with all the tools you need to manifest your way to happiness. It’s time to get started!

Class Title: Create a life you love with manifestation 

Type: Online class

Duration: 30 minute video, with time to create your own vision board.

What you need:

  • A journal
  • A pen
  • Desktop computer, laptop or tablet
  • A quiet space and an open mind

What you’ll learn:

  • What is manifestation?
  • How to identify and ‘unblock’ things in your life that are restricting you from reaching your full potential
  • How to find clarity on the things you do want to manifest
  • Three key manifestation tools and techniques including scripting, visualisation and 369 techniques
  • Become familiar with creating your own manifestation ritual 
    The Hawkins Scale
    The Hawkins Scale

    About the tutor: 

    Leanne Evans is a transformational business coach, wellness expert and entrepreneur. She has experienced transformation in her own life on the path of self-development for the last 15 years going from anxiety and low self-esteem, to living life on her own terms and creating her dream business. Her core purpose is empowering women to build successful, passion-filled lives and businesses, by encouraging them to use transformational tools to do the inner healing work required to focus and redirect their energy.

    She is the founder of Leanne Evans Wellbeing, a specialist business consultancy, supporting wellness businesses and solopreneurs wanting to create social change. She developed the S.M.I.L.E method for business growth, which is a creative and holistic approach encouraging a joyful attitude to scaling a business as a path to freedom. With over 15 years in the wellness industry, including at Treatwell and Stylist, she helped support hundreds of business owners to grow their business using online marketing and branding strategies. Leanne is also the co-founder of Oshun Workplace Wellbeing, the first corporate business to champion diversity and equality within the wellness industry. 

    Instagram: @leanneevanswellbeing

    Curiosity Academy Leanne Evans
    Curiosity Academy Leanne Evans