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Creative Journalling: How To Make A Vision Board

Friday 28th May @ 10.00

Posted by Rosemary Ikpeme for The Curiosity Academy

Welcome to The Curiosity Academy’s hands-on video workshop on the benefits of creative journalling and using a vision board as a tool to set goals and intentions.

Class Title: Creative Journalling: How To Make A Vision Board

Type: Online class

Duration: Video 37 mins, but class will takes 60 mins+

What you will learn:

The hour-long video tutorial includes:

  • Understanding the benefits of visualisation and creating a vision board
  • Finding out why creating a vision board makes you more likely to hit your goals
  • Hearing stories for how vision boards have worked for Rosemary Ikpeme 
  • Learning how to use the Wheel of Life to set your goals and focus on improving your health, career, finances and even your relationships
  • Building your first vision board
  • Discovering how to get the most out of your vision board to achieve the goals you set

What you will need:

  • Wheel of Life print out or copied onto paper
  • Colouring pencils
  • Coloured pens
  • Large piece of paper (A2 is good if you have it) 
  • Old magazines or newspapers you can cut up 
  • Scissors
  • Glue

About the tutor: Rosemary Ikpeme

Rosemary Ikpeme is the founder and creator of MYnd Map, an independent brand that designs and creates mindfulness, gratitude, and goals-setting journals, planners, and agendas. In this exclusive hour-long class for The Curiosity Academy, Ikpeme will introduce the benefits of creative journalling and guide you in the creation of your own vision board while sharing how these can be used as a tool for setting life goals and intentions.

The Curiosity Academy with Rosemary Ikpeme
Rosemary Ikpeme for the Curiosity Academy

Supporting material:

Wheel of Life worksheet.