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“How a manifestation workshop helped me deal with negative thoughts about my health”

Manifestation can be an amazing way to develop a more positive mindset to help you reach your goals. Here, writer Alice Porter tries The Curiosity Academy’s manifestation masterclass to see if it can help her feel more positively about her health.

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I would describe myself as a positive person. I tend to look on the bright side of life, even when things go wrong and I’m pretty good at dealing with any negative thoughts I might have about myself. I’m also a fairly rational person, guided by facts and logic, rather than emotions and feelings (I’m a Capricorn moon and sun, which is as intense as it sounds).

The art of manifestation is a method of speaking the things you want into existence in order to help you develop a positive mindset. It involves getting in touch with your emotions in order to consciously think about them and unravel them.

Because of this, I always assumed manifestation wasn’t for someone who thinks as rationally and positively as me. But over the last year, as a result of the pandemic, I’ve found I’ve been doubting myself more and more and have become less in touch with my emotions. So, I decided to put my doubts aside and turn to manifestation, to help get me back to my normal self.  

I tried The Curiosity Academy’s masterclass on how to create a life you love with manifestation, to provide me with as much detail as possible on how manifestation works and how I can personally benefit from it.

“In its simplest terms, manifestation is bringing something tangible into your reality by using intention and attraction,” says Leanne Evans, a transformational business coach who is hosting the class.

I find out that the law of attraction, a New Thought philosophy founded in the 19th century and based on the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life, is a big part of manifestation. Today, successful figures like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey and Lady Gaga use manifestation to help improve their lives. 

In the class, Leanne explains concepts including ‘flow state’ and ‘energy blockers’ to help us get a better understanding of manifestation, before asking us to pick one area to focus on in this class. The areas she suggests are:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Creativity

I think about it for a little while and then decide to choose health, as this is the area of my life that I struggle with the most. I have always been a sickly person, dealing with various health issues throughout my life. In fact, one of my earliest memories is the day of my parents’ wedding. I was four years old and I spent the entire day being sick, bent over with a sore stomach.

Most of my health issues are fairly minor: a dodgy knee that I often dislocate and mild vaginismus that flares up every now and again. However, I spent the best part of three years, just before lockdown began, with severe digestive issues, which meant that I was constantly nauseous and regularly sick. These issues meant I had to restrict my life in various ways, as I couldn’t consume alcohol, caffeine or high amounts of sugar and I also had to spend a lot of time at home in bed. 

notebook on bed
Leanne suggests that we should make notes during the workshop.

Flipping your limiting beliefs on their head

The first thing Leanne tells us to do is identify our limiting beliefs about the topic we’ve chosen. “We want to put everything out on the table so we can start to move forward,” Leanne says.

Some of my limiting beliefs when it comes to my health that I identify are:

  • I have always had bad health
  • I have wasted a lot of time as a result of my health
  • My health is inconvenient to the people in my life

Leanne then tells us to flip these limiting beliefs on their head to creative positive affirmations. My positive affirmations are:

  • My health has allowed me to thrive in life
  • I have lots of time ahead of me that won’t be affected by my health
  • The people in my life love me and want me to feel healthy

This exercise helped me to realise that some of the things I thought about myself and my body – things that I’d assumed were true – were actually just a matter of perspective. Being able to put a positive spin on them helped me feel better about my health straight away.

manifestion vision board
I created a digital vision board based on my goals.

Three manifestation techniques

Now I have created my positive affirmations, Leanne explains three ways in which they can be used to make manifestation a part of my everyday life. The first one is called scripting, a journaling exercise to help you practise gratitude. The second is vision boarding, which she recommends we create online and the final technique is the 369 manifestation technique.

The 369 technique means thinking of your affirmations three times when you wake up, six times in the afternoon and nine times in the evening. I practise scripting and create a vision board but decide that the 369 method will be best for me on a day-to-day basis.

Leanne explains that it takes 21 days to create a habit, so we should practise this technique for 21 days and then reflect on how it has affected us. I write my positive affirmations down and attach them to my mirror to remind me to stick to my regular manifestation practice and I feel really excited about the mental and physical benefits developing this positive relationship with my health might have.

blonde woman with positive affirmations on mirror
"I write my positive affirmations down and stick them on my mirror to remind me to stick to my regular manifestation practice"

I’m really surprised, by the end of the workshop, that manifesting is not only so simple, but a lot less pretentious than I thought. It’s actually a very rational process of becoming more optimistic and the hour I spent with Leanne has shown me just how much it could benefit me if I’m willing to commit to making it a regular part of my life.

I’ve now been practicing the 369 method for a few days and I have found it surprisingly uncomfortable to think so positively about myself regularly. But it’s also been a rewarding process that has helped to keep me grounded and relaxed throughout the day, even when my health issues have flared up. I’m excited to see how 21 days of thinking like this might change my thoughts about my health and maybe even help to improve my physical symptoms. 

Interested in learning more about manifestation and making it part of your life? Try Leanne Evan’s class, Create A Life You Love With Manifestation on The Curiosity Academy now.

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