How to thrive alone | Francesca Specter
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How to thrive alone with Francesca Specter

Why is being alone given such a bad rep? And how do we tip the balance towards alone time being positive? This is exactly what Francesca Specter – host of podcast Alonement and author of Alonement: How To Be Alone And Absolutely Own It – will explore in the latest video masterclass from The Curiosity Academy.

This year in particular, the pandemic has resulted in many of us either spending what we feel is too much time being alone or isolated, or too little time alone, potentially within constant close proximity to a partner, housemates or family. In this revelatory new session, Francesca Specter shows us a selection of techniques guiding us through how to not only turn being alone into a positive experience, but also how to thrive alone and balance your solo and social time effectively.

About this class

Class title: How to thrive alone

Type: Online class, pre-recorded

Duration: 1 hour

Price: £10, watch on-demand

What you get with the class: 

  • Expert advice from podcaster and the founder of Alonement – a platform dedicated to exploring alone time, and why it matters
  • 5 key solitude skills to take away and put into practice:
  1. Sitting with your thoughts
  2. Planning time alone
  3. Being alone in public
  4. Communicating alonement
  5. Balancing solo and social time

What you need: 

  • An open mind!
  • A pen and paper

Watch an extract from the class:

About the tutor: Francesca Specter

Francesca Specter is a London-based journalist, podcaster and the founder of Alonement – a platform dedicated to exploring alone time, and why it matters. Formerly deputy lifestyle editor at Yahoo, Francesca has worked for The Daily Express, Healthy Magazine and British Vogue, while she has written on a freelance basis for The Telegraph, The Independent and Red. She started the Alonement blog in 2019, and launched her podcast of the same name in early 2020 – interviewing guests including Alain de Botton, Poorna Bell and Daisy Buchanan. Her first book, Alonement, empowers you to value your own company and dedicate quality time to yourself, whoever you are and whatever your relationship status.