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Gone are the days when the words ‘scalp care’ were buried on the bottom shelf of the bathroom cabinet. These are the luxurious products redefining how we the treat that bit of skin
Stay cool

Once upon a time, the only way to tackle a problem scalp was with feeble supermarket products and alarmingly medicinal-smelling treatments (coal tar shampoo, anyone?). But now, there’s a whole high-end micro-industry dedicated to it. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, Living Proof’s Restore Dry Scalp Treatment acts as a cooling leave-in balm for dehydrated skin (it also smells divine, like a fancy lemon tart). Simply dot straight on after towel-drying hair for instant soothing moisture. £25, Space NK

Keep calm

Haircare line Sachajuan takes its name from the Stockholm salon where it was founded in 2004. From its pared-back packaging to its fuss-free formulations, the brand’s ethos is all about simplicity – which is a boon for the sensitive-scalped among us. Sachajuan’s calming Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner (£22) contain anti-fungal ingredients piroctone olamine and climbazole, plus rosemary, ginger and wheat protein to boost hair’s strength and shine. And that brown bottle: minimalist magic. Shampoo from £10, Cult Beauty     


While dryness and dandruff can both make your scalp itch, they’re not actually the same thing. The former stems from a lack of moisture, leading to irritation and flakes; the latter is the result of an overproduction of sebum or build-up of oil, which feed the yeast that causes dandruff. Dealing with dandruff proper? Try Aveda’s Pramāsana Purifying Scalp Cleanser. A neroli-scented leave-in treatment, it helps balance sebum levels and preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier. £24, Aveda

Beachy hair

You might think of sea salt as the key to tousled holiday hair, but it’s also a wonder ingredient when it comes to scalp care. Christophe Robin’s pleasingly chunky Purifying Scrub – applied as the first step in a hair wash, before (or instead of) shampoo – is thick to apply, but dissolves as you massage it in. It’s exfoliating, soothing on more sensitive spots, and left our product-laden hair feeling the cleanest it’s been in a very long time. £17, Look Fantastic

Spray it again

Got a particularly sore scalp? You might not be crazy about the idea of a heavy-duty scrub. Instead, gently dissolve away product build-up and natural impurities by massaging Bumble and Bumble’s delightfully foamy Scalp Detox into roots, before shampooing and conditioning as normal. Its key ingredient is salicylic acid – a mild exfoliant that sweeps away the debris and dead skin cells that form dandruff flakes. Gross science, but nice bottle! £25, Escentual

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Time to upgrade your grooming game
Zoeva has long been praised for its high-quality formulas and reasonable price points – and its new highlighters are a summer must for Stylist’s beauty writer Hanna Ibraheem

“I’ve loved Zoeva for years. Founder Zoe Boikou uses the company’s resources to empower women who have experienced crisis – particularly those affected by domestic abuse and cancer – through donations, workshops and makeovers. And alongside its admirable ethos, Zoeva delivers impressive, affordable products, from highly pigmented eyeshadows to iconic brushes.

So it’s no surprise that the brand’s latest summer launch has caught my eye. Coming in four marbled shades (peach sorbet Twilight Hour, coral pink Radiant Glow, rose copper Cinnamon Sky and dusty mauve Moonlit), one swoosh of Zoeva Soft Sun Glow Lights along cheekbones delivers a healthy hit of radiance, with zero chunky glitter. Unique and beautiful Instagram fodder.” £16.50 each, Beauty Bay

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