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Saunas, new trainers and the magic of written appreciation
This week, we’re into super-lightweight running shoes and the warm, fuzzy glow of thank you notes. But first, Stylist’s executive editor Anna Fielding tests the wellness benefits of an infrared sauna pod 

I love saunas and banyas and hammams, and I’ll happily jump into a grey 6am sea. Why would anyone want to be cosy or tepid when there are excesses to be had?

So I was intrigued by 111CRYO/HEAT, a new double ‘contrast therapy’ treatment on offer at Harvey Nichols. First, you hop into a cryotherapy chamber for three minutes, before moving into an infrared sauna pod. Basically, it’s the chance to experience extreme cold and extreme heat in under 45 minutes.

I’d wanted to try cryotherapy for ages, but doubts set in as the appointment got nearer. Would I actually enjoy standing in shorts and a bra top (both provided) in a sealed shower cubicle-sized area that’s chilled to -30℃? Surprisingly, I did. The cold is supposed to help inflamed skin and joints, but the biggest instant effect is on your mood. I’d slept badly the previous night, but emerged from the chamber feeling post-espresso bright.

Next is the infra-red cocoon, which looks like a sci-fi space capsule. You climb in, close the cover and let light and heat surround you, while the base of the pod vibrates and massages. Again, it’s good for skin and extremely relaxing. I floated out onto Kensington High Street, glowing. Single 111CRYO treatment: £95 for 3 minutes. Single 111HEAT treatment: from £95 for 15 minutes

It won’t change your world, but it will make it a bit brighter

It’s easy to fire off a text or email to thank someone for something. But according to researchers at the University of Chicago, acknowledging a good deed with a physical thank you card not only enhances the emotional wellbeing of your recipient – it boosts your own mood, too. And can’t you just imagine their toothy grin as they receive one of these beautifully graphic Sigrid Callon notecards (£13.50, Present & Correct)? We can. 

Stylist Loves editor Kat Poole has a newfound energy, thanks to a pair of trainers 

When I’m feeling sluggish about exercise, it takes more than the promise of endorphins to motivate me. Sometimes, it’s a plate of eggs of toast. Other days, it’s imagining Joe Wicks’ disappointed face if I don’t finish one of his YouTube workouts. Most recently? It’s a new pair of trainers.

Adidas’ new Pulseboost HDs are designed with city runners in mind (I am not one, but I do walk very fast to my Zumba Toning class when I’m late). They sit lower to the ground, with an AI-engineered grip and an upper made from the super-stretchy Adapt Knit, which all aid stability in sudden stops or changes of direction. They’re light, fit like a comfy (but sturdy) pair of slippers – and I’m genuinely looking forward to wearing them again. £119.95, Adidas

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