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Take care of your money, honey
Few things are more nerve-wracking than not feeling in control of your finances. To round off our New Term week, five members of Team Stylist share how they manage their money (and minimise their stress levels)
The Insta organiser

“My Instagram collections stop me wasting money on things I’ll regret. I save posts about restaurants I want to visit, recipes I want to try, clothes I want to buy, looks I want to recreate and interiors inspo, all in different folders. Then, when it comes to choosing somewhere to eat or standing in Topshop not knowing where to start, I have a reference for what I actually want.” Meena Alexander, sub-editor 

The travel hacker

“Every year I buy an annual zones 1-3 travelcard on my Oyster, which saves about £250 against buying 12 monthly tickets (and nearly £500 compared with contactless). I take money from savings to pay for the travelcard upfront, then divide the cost by 12 and pay that back into my savings each month. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, plus you get a Gold Card for even more travel savings.” Jenny Tregoning, deputy production/food editor

The spreadsheeter

“I live by Google Sheets, and have a detailed document outlining everything that goes out of my current account each month – from mortgage and bills to savings, travel, living costs and ‘fun’ (yes that’s a real category). But I have a separate ‘spend and return’ sheet for anything I’ve ordered on my credit card. It tells me when I bought it, if I’ve returned it, and when the refund is due back in my account. It makes looking at my statement 1000 x less stressful.” Kat Poole, editor, Stylist Loves 

The Chip devotee

“I can’t recommend the app Chip enough. It takes around £8-£50 a month out of my current account each month and puts it into a savings account, depending on how much I’ve spent. I never miss the amount they take (usually about £15), and I’ve saved over £800 in just a year without even trying, which is extremely satisfying. If you refer friends they add interest to your savings, too.” Ava Welsing-Kitcher, junior beauty writer

The Monzo disciple

“Money organisation is #life for me. I check my bank account at least once a day, and have savings, savings-savings and life savings (different categories have different rules of engagement). My top money-organisation tip is a Monzo card: I put £100 on it for travel and food every Friday, and anything I haven’t spent by the end of the week goes into savings. Do I sound dull? I could go on…” Felicity Thistlethwaite, executive digital editor

It might not change your world, but it will make it a little bit brighter

Picture this: it’s a rainy Sunday, you’ve popped a film on and have precious time to paint your nails. Sounds chill, right? Ever since the days of sleepovers, a DIY manicure has been a dreamy way to unwind. If you can believe it, there’s a way to make it a bit more relaxing.

Research suggests that the colour blue is linked to feelings of calm. And, seeing as focusing on anything creative for some time helps our minds unwind, why not combine the two? Non-toxic nail polish brand Zoya has a pool of blues to choose from. There’s Aire, a classy periwinkle, Blu, a worthy replacement for silver polish and the night-sky-like Indigo. Your hands won’t have ever felt so relaxed. £11.70 each, Zoya

Only just got back from your hols and already feeling worn out by work? Have a read of these 

It’s the end of New Term Week at Stylist Loves, so we wanted to highlight a subject our mates have been covering on stress at work. September can feel packed with commitments after the slower pace of summer, but there are ways to help yourself feel less frazzled – starting with these techniques to combat anxiety at work and a doctor’s advice on preventing burnout. Or book a wellness-focused autumn holiday and escape it all. Your choice! 

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