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Build strength and save money: it’s a win-win

Every woman knows that exercising regularly is important for overall health. And being consistent with your workouts (ie not ducking out because you fancy an extra 20 minutes in bed) ensures you reap all the benefits that exercise has to offer. Which is why we have launched a 10-class package to encourage you to come to the studio regularly and get your recommended two strength-training sessions per week. As if you needed any more reasons to get yourself down to a Strong class (or 10), here are four more…

1. It will motivate you to attend: To see the benefits of strength training, you need to be consistent. Going to one class and then taking a three-week break won’t have the same effect as working out twice a week, every week. The 10-class package will motivate you to attend more regularly so you can monitor your progress and feel the improvements.

2. You’ll save money: If you’re a regular class-goer (or even if you’re not), buying the 10-week package will save you money – which is always a good thing in our books. It costs £150 for a 10-class package, saving you £30 compared with buying classes individually.

3. It will keep you on top form: The World Health Organisation recommends undertaking muscle-strengthening activities, involving major muscle groups, on two or more days a week as part of a healthy exercise regime.

4. Your body and mind will thank you: Attending regularly, you will get unapologetically stronger in both body and mind.

Our 10-class package enables you to come to any 10 Strong or yoga classes within a three-month period after purchase, after which it will expire – but don’t worry, we’ll give you a nudge if you’re nearing the expiration date, so you won’t accidently lose any.

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