How we do the anti-bold lip
Gone are the days of the seasonal lipstick switch-up – this autumn, we’re ditching the rouge for more understated shades. Here, five members of Team Stylist share their go-to subtle lip colour 
Moya, deputy editor, Stylist Loves

“Green People’s Velvet Matte Lipstick in Berry Nude is the perfect low-key lip for pale Celtic faces like mine. The texture is waxier and the finish subtler than most matte lipsticks, and it gives a lovely rich shade when applied straight on. For daytime, I dab it over balm, which makes my lips look like they’ve been slightly oversaturated in a really good Instagram pic.” £17, Green People

Ava, junior beauty writer

“Every shade of Glossier’s no-lipstick lipstick works on everyone. The sheer hues can be built from a barely-there wash to an understated yet impactful pop of colour, and it feels like a balm without being shiny (my go-to shade is Jam, a warm berry that wakes up my face). Because it’s not totally matte, it also lets your lips’ natural pigment come through. I’ve been obsessed for two years.” £14, Glossier     

Kat, editor, Stylist Loves

“I’ve been wearing some iteration of Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Liquid Lip for years. It leaves my (usually very dry) lips moisturised and non-flaky – plus, it gives even coverage in just one swipe so it genuinely lasts for ages. And I really mean it – I’ve been making my way through my current shade for so long it doesn’t even exist anymore, but the closest is Juicy Date.” £19, Bobbi Brown

Hanna, beauty writer

“Along with my skin’s yellow undertones, my lips have a purple hue that means lipstick shades tend to change colour on me. But L’Oreal Paris’s Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Explore has hints of pink and brown that work to neutralise the colour of my lips and flatter my skin tone. Even better? It’s one of few matte formulas that actually feels lightweight once applied.” £9.99, Boots

Megan, designer

“I got a free mini tester of Clinique’s Pop Lip Colour and Primer ages ago, and quickly went and bought my own tube (then another, then another). It’s demi-matte but super moisturising, so you never get that horrible cakey, dry, cracked feeling – and it lasts absolutely ages. I wear the smoky pink Plum Pop with a linered-up eye for an easy evening look.” £17.50, Clinique

Stylist’s beauty director Shannon Peter has found an eco-friendly cleanser made for travelling

In my opinion, an oily balm is the only way to cleanse. It dissolves make-up practically on contact and doesn’t leave skin uncomfortably squeaky. But when I’m away from home, I hate having to lug my giant tub of cleansing balm with me.

That’s why I’m particularly taken by Eve Lom’s handy Cleansing Oil Capsules. Don’t stress – the outer casings are vegetable-based and therefore biodegradable. And on the inside? Each one is full of heavenly-smelling eucalyptus, clove, chamomile and hops oils, as well as essential fatty acids that are so nourishing you could skip moisturiser afterwards, if you so wish. £55, SpaceNK

Brought to you by Shiseido
Foundation that cares about your face

Skincare is everything. That means it’s all well and good nourishing your face with the finest antioxidants and serums, but if you’re then going to use make-up that isn’t designed to care for your skin it’s all a bit counterproductive. Thankfully, Shiseido is a brand that understands healthy skin is a whole routine and not just a step. Shiseido’s new Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation actually lets your skin breathe. The formula contains hyaluronic acid as well as innovative ActiveForce Technology, which responds to heat and movement while resisting humidity for 24 hours. Way better than your average foundation.

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