Our favourite functional beauty buys
Beauty is more than just adornment. We turn to these hardworking products when we need to get a specific job done – and done well 
To… fix chapped lips

We love Carmex, but it can only get you so far. Really chapped lips need a gentle buff, and Stylist’s beauty editor Lucy rates Lush’s lip scrubs highly: they come in flavours including Honey and Pumpkin Spice (seasonal!). Our favourite, though, is Mint Julips, which contains moisturising jojoba oil and caster sugar for a soft scrub – plus peppermint oil and vanilla extract, because yum. £6.50, Lush

To… get our hair out the way

Embellished headbands are on trend, but you don’t want to get hyaluronic acid on your velvet Wald Berlin piece. An adjustable spa-style headband – like this one by Aquis – is a little bit transformative: it’ll keep your hair away from your face while you’re cleansing/masking/whatever, without the need for a headache-inducing topknot. It’ll also make you feel fancy, which is nice. £15, Lookfantastic

To… take off eye make-up

Not yet found a product that effectively wipes away heavy mascara, liner and shadow without hurting your eyes? Klorane’s Cornflower Eye Make-Up Remover is a doozie: a super-gentle, watery solution that gets rid of everything without the need for rubbing or dragging. And its beautiful floral scent doesn’t sting sensitive eyes. Stylist Loves’ resident sensitivity expert Moya is a big fan. £5.74, Essentials Pharmacy

To… see you between washes

There are loads of different dry shampoo brands out there, some cheap as chips, some eye-wateringly expensive. If you’ve already found one that works for you, stick with it – but over at the Stylist beauty desk they stockpile Colab dry shampoo. It’s great for soaking up oil and providing body and bounce, and doesn’t leave that dreaded chalky, powdery residue. £3.49, Boots

Last week, we extolled the virtues of coloured eyeliner. Now, junior beauty writer Ava recommends a brown mascara she’s chosen over black for years

Despite having black lashes, I almost always reach for dark brown mascaras. They define and frame my eyes without making too stark an impact – but after much trial and error, I’ve learned that not all shades are created equal.

The best I’ve found? Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara in Brown (£22, Lookfantastic), a staple in my make-up bag since university. The warm brown isn’t too dark and the plastic bristles really fan out lashes, depositing just enough of the formula without clumping. Two layers does the trick – plus an extra swish through top lashes for added drama. Even better, the tube takes forever to dry out. I won’t be without it. See all of Ava’s brown mascara picks here

Brought to you by Shiseido
Foundation for every forecast

It’s autumn. Your umbrella is now a constant companion and the constant switch from the drizzly outdoors to central heating is doing your skin no favours. Time to add a foundation that works harder for you. Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation SPF 30 uses ActiveForce technology to adapt to the environment and synchronise with your skin for a fresh-faced look all day. That’s one less reason to dread the drizzle.

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Discover the art of perfumery this autumn with Experimental Perfume Club’s new olfactory experience

Aroma nerds, assemble! Experimental Perfume Club – the magical east London fragrance house specialising in bespoke scents – is launching a ‘laboratory’ in Selfridges today, where you can design your very own signature perfume with expert help. Dubbed the Layers Lab, it also features an eco-friendly (and delightfully scented) Refill Fountain, where you can replenish your empty 50ml fragrance bottles. It’s all a bit Willy Wonka, and we’re very much on board. 

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