Easy at-home workouts and what to wear while you're doing them
Going to the gym: hard. Going to the gym when it’s cold, wet and dark: harder. Stylist’s editorial assistant Chloe has found the best modern home videos for an actually-effective workout, whatever your style
Best for strength

Sure, we can all get sweaty by doing some star jumps in the lounge. But if you think you can’t gain strength without dragging yourself to the squat rack, you’d be wrong. Shona Vertue’s Vertue Method is proof. For this simple, just-over-30-minute home workout, all you’ll need is a kettlebell (from £7.99 depending on weight, Amazon) and a chair (we assume you have one of those). 

Best for yoga

Cat Meffan is one of social media’s best known yogis, so head to her channel for anything stretch-related. From morning yoga to stretches for PMS, she has it covered. But it’s her power yoga practices that are really worth a look; merging traditional yoga flows with the strength-based, heart-raising stuff we really need at this time of year. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy this eco-friendly mat

Best for HIIT

Natacha Océane is a biophysics postgrad, IronMan athlete and the queen of functional training – and nothing will convince you that your body is the best piece of equipment like one of her videos. Natacha’s HIIT sessions are structured as 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off – which makes things just that bit more manageable. Plus, her Instagram captions are filled with insight and tips so you’ll know why you’re doing what you’re doing.   

Best for tone

You’ve done a few warm-up stretches but you don’t fancy a full-on squat session. Your happy medium workout? A few do-it-yourself leg exercises, and Stylist Strong trainer Emma Obayuvana has all the inspiration you need to get going. These forward lunge tutorials are great for strengthening your legs and improving posture, ideal after a week lounging on the sofa watching Christmas TV. 

Best for dance

On the days when exercise is about nothing more than feeling absolutely fabulous, doing a dance routine around your room is the answer. Or, attempting it at least. Everything about this video from The Fitness Marshall will get you out of your winter funk – the music! The mother-in-law jokes! The CGI fireworks! It has to be just as good for your mental health as it is your heart. 

When is your gym kit not your gym kit? When you can wear it for so much more than that. Just ask Prism²

Ever worn a pair of bikini bottoms under your jeans on laundry day/swum in your bra and knickers/repurposed your favourite swimming costume as a going out top? Us too. So we’re very taken with Brit label Prism², which has just launched onto Matches Fashion.

Featuring clean lines and muted, offbeat tones, it’s a uniquely hardworking – and refreshingly size-inclusive – collection. Made from chlorine-resistant, sweat-wicking jersey, each mix-and-match piece can be worn in the pool (or sea), in the gym (or park), or as underwear – and we’d happily wear the racer-back tank (£65) with jeans and a chic cardi. Even better? It’s all sustainably made in Italy. From £30, Matches Fashion

Nightmares are unpleasant – but according to new research, they serve a very important purpose

You might assume bad dreams were just a cruel fluke of evolution. But according to new neuroscientific research, nightmares actually help us respond more effectively in scary situations IRL. Intrigued? Alice Robb’s Why We Dream (£20, Pan MacMillan) is a scientific yet lyrical look at what goes on in our minds while we sleep. And The Dream Dictionary by Theresa Cheung (£14.99, HarperCollins) is a delight to flick through – even if you don’t fully believe it.     

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