Is your bedroom this tidy?
If you don’t have proper storage, it never will be. Here are eight supremely satisfying ways to get organised
Storage isn’t glamorous. It is essential

You might not follow the Gospel of Marie Kondo, but trust us: there’s a corner of your home that could do with organising.

Maybe your rented bathroom doesn’t have any cupboards. Or your underwear drawer is so messy you go into meltdown every time you try to find a pair of tights. Or you treat the space under your bed like Monica’s cupboard in Friends: somewhere you shove everything that doesn’t have its own place, then try your hardest not to think about. 

Whatever your own problem area, there are ways to tackle it. Here’s where to begin…

For your bathroom

It’s not the most exciting way to spend a Saturday, but there’s something intensely satisfying about seeing all your lotions and potions neatly arranged, rather than scattered chaotically around your sink. These woven seagrass baskets will contain clutter and make everything feel chic, however much space you’ve got to play with. From £11.99, Zara Home

For under your bed

Hands up who used to be scared of monsters under the bed? As an adult, you may still be freaked out by what lies beneath – except these days, you’re probably more concerned by all the junk that’s lurking down there. Invest in a couple of drawers: these flexible cases are lightweight enough to go with you if you move house. £6, Ikea

For travelling

If your pre-travel routine consists of throwing a bunch of clothes into a suitcase and hoping for the best, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. Packing cubes save valuable space and help you find everything quickly – and can be used as bottom-of-the-wardrobe storage when at home. Multitasking marvels. £45 for 6, Antler

For your drawers

When you open your underwear drawer, what do you see? A tangle of cotton, silk and lace? Stray socks with no pair in sight? Then it’s time to get acquainted with a drawer tidy. This one has nifty dividers so you can see where everything is, even when bleary-eyed – no chance of anything getting buried at the back again. £10, John Lewis

For your wardrobe

Hanging shelves are brilliant for small-space living and accomplishing Queer Eye-levels of wardrobe neatness. They conjure up storage out of thin air when looped over your clothes rail, and are great for rounding up wayward shoes and accessories. This sturdy grey version also comes in beige: pick your neutral. £25, The Holding Company

For your make-up

Let’s face it – we’ve all got too much make-up, and most of it is probably scattered indiscriminately around your bedroom/bathroom/bag. To fully appreciate your hoard, condense everything into a make-up organiser. This sleek gold-framed unit lets you see exactly what’s inside: compartmentalised perfection. £34.99, Beautify

This flexitarian food trend is making waves for all the right reasons 

Veganism is having a moment – but if you’re not ready to convert entirely, a new approach to ethical eating is at hand. ‘Seaganism’ – the term for a vegan or plant-based diet supplemented with sustainably sourced seafood, coined by cookbook authors Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey – is the middle-ground food movement that’s making a splash.

According to the Marine Conservation Society, there are 143 species of seafood we can eat responsibly. Try these seagan recipes for scallop ceviche, tray-baked lemon sole or sesame Atlantic tuna steaks: good for the environment, great for your health, and even better for dinner parties.

Stop scrolling Instagram for #homeinspo and book onto one of these inspiring interiors masterclasses instead

Thinking about sprucing up your living space in time for spring? Then you’ll want to check out Habitat’s new home design workshop series. There’s a masterclass on small space living with interior design duo Topology, exploring everything from colour psychology to decluttering; a houseplant workshop with Conservatory Archives; and a dinner party cookery class with chef extraordinaire Anna Barnett. Stylish living simplified. 5 Mar-4 Apr; from £30; various locations

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