Want to try a mobility routine but don't know where to start? You're welcome...

On the surface, a mobility routine might look similar to a stretching routine. But there are crucial differences, and that is where the benefits lie. “Mobility work is about improving your range of motion,” says fitness trainer Emma Obayuvana from our Strong Women Collective. “Incorporating these exercises into your routine will enhance workout performance, help to avoid injury and enable you to move with ease throughout the day.”

Whether your aim is to squat deeper, protect your back when lifting heavy or to wake up with less aches and pains, this workout will benefit everyone. Our new mantra? “A mobility routine a day keeps the doctor away.” 


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Stylist’s fitness editor Meriam Ahari has discovered a newfound love of hiking - if you’re serious about your steps too, try this gear on your next expedition
If you’re spending an entire day rambling through the countryside, you’ll want to be wearing a supportive yet relaxed fit bra
You never know what the British weather will hit you with, so be prepared for wind and rain with this waterproof windbreaker
OSPREY / £70
Carry essentials (read: snacks) in this functional rucksack with walking pole attachments and an internal hydration sleeve
Traipse the great outdoors in trekking tights that have reinforcements on the knees and butt for kneeling or sitting on damp ground
ADIDAS / £170
The ideal combination of comfortable trainers and sturdy boots – these upcycled hiking shoes adapt to any terrain
STANCE / £13
Keep feet warm and moisture-free in breathable, cushioned wool socks. Plus, reinforced heels and toes mean they’ll last for longer

What is exercise snacking and is it effective?

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to put in an hour at the gym, just like you don’t always have time to sit down to a 10-course degustation at The Fat Duck. So, why not apply a grazing mentality to your workouts? Click below to find out whether training in short bursts of movement throughout the day can improve your fitness.  


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Cupboards looking bare? Make these delicious energy bars with just 4 ingredients

You need an energy boost and you need it now – only to open your cupboards and realise that you’re out of your favourite brand of energy balls. Who has the time to go to the shop when you’re feeling hangry?

That’s why these nutritious date bars are our new go-to – the fibrous combination of dates and nuts will give you a second wind, making them the perfect pre-workout snack. Batch cook and store in the fridge, so you can tame your inner Regina George next time hanger strikes. 


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Annie Clarke, yoga instructor and member of our Strong Women Collective, finds the perfect travel buddy in her yoga mat

What? Form Travel Rectangular Mat in Marble, £50

What is it? A sustainable and machine-washable yoga mat with alignment guides to help correct form.

The verdict: “I took this mat on my latest yoga retreat as it is small, lightweight and easy to travel with. When I rolled it open for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the oceanic design and the discreet geometric pattern created by the alignment lines that help achieve proper form when doing yoga moves. Unlike many other mats, the surface is soft rather than rubbery. I anticipated the smooth surface would equate to it being more slippery, but I actually felt really supported as there was loads of grip.

The travel version compromises on thickness in order to make it lighter and easier to carry. That works well for me, because I prefer a thinner mat, but you might want extra cushioning for sensitive knees – in which case, their Pro mat might be a better choice. This mat is made from recycled materials, and is fully recyclable at the end of its life – which is a big win compared to many other mats which end up in landfill.”


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