Training Club exclusive: build strength from all angles with this full-body home workout

With gyms closed for the foreseeable, we don’t blame you for worrying about all your recent gains going down the drain. To help you hold onto your hard-earned progress, this 40-minute session from our new Strong Women Training Club is the perfect full-body challenge, training your upper body with push and pull motions, while strengthening your legs through lunges and hinges. 

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The pros and cons of napping, according to a sleep expert – and how to nap better


“I finally managed my gut health – and it did not involve a restricted diet”

When Tally Rye, a personal trainer who suffers from IBS, allowed herself to enjoy pastries and ice cream on a well-earned holiday, she was prepared for the worst. “Despite my long-held fears of foods like this causing my IBS symptoms, I actually experienced none. Could it be that my IBS was caused by stress instead and not food?” she writes. Here, she explores the link between stress, restrictive diets and IBS.  


6 pieces to add to your home workout kit
Fitness has never been more inclusive and more necessary. And while lockdown and the closure of gyms has provided an obstacle when it comes to working out, there’s never been a better time to supercharge your home workout. Whether you’re a yogi or a HIIT devotee, lululemon has come through with some pieces we’re immediately adding to our kit, including some standout items from its limited edition collaboration with designer Ed Curtis. Here are our favourites…
In partnership with lululemon
Ed Curtis x lululemon / £48
Energy Bra Long Line
Supportive, breathable and with more colours than you can shake a dumbbell at, this bra is just the thing for some January cheer
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lululemon / £88
Align Super-High Rise Pant
Finally a pair of stylish and buttery-soft leggings that don’t cut into you mid downward facing dog. It's a yes from us
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Ed Curtis x lululemon / £45
Both Ways Bucket Hat
Looking to upgrade your classic baseball cap? Time to add this statement reversible bucket hat to your basket
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lululemon / £38
Double Roller Mini
Roll away the muscle aches after a heavy sweat session or ease tension after a day of sitting hunched over your laptop with this nifty roller
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Ed Curtis x lululemon / £88
Wunder Train HR Tight
These burpee-proof showstoppers are fast-drying to manage heat
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lululemon / £58
The Reversible Mat
This grippy mat puts an end to slipping your way around the floor during practice. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eye
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Wake up your joints with this 10-minute mobility routine for beginners


Make the most of lockdown with an immunity-supporting homemade meal

The festive season may be now a distant memory, but turkey shouldn’t be. After all, there’s more to this Christmas lunch centrepiece than meets the eye – and this recipe proves it.

Stuffed peppers (a vegetable that naturally contains one of the highest levels of vitamin C to support your immune system) with turkey and kale ticks a lot of nutritious boxes. While the protein and nutrients help with cell regrowth and muscle recovery, this hearty supper allows your body to absorb the kale’s iron to keep your energy levels up during winter’s grey days. 

Given we all have extra time on our hands at the moment, ignore the siren call of Deliveroo and make this instead – your health and your bank account will thank you.


Training Club exclusive: Is warming up or cooling down more important for injury prevention?

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Writer Rebecca Denne worked out while wearing period pants to see if they lived up to their claims – and she bloody loved them. 

What? Modibodi Classic Full Brief, £25

What is it? Period underwear that can be worn without using a tampon, pad or menstrual cup while working out, even on heavy menstrual days. 

The verdict: “In the last year, I’ve tried different types of period pants in the search for a more eco-friendly period product. Modibodi is an Australian brand that produces a range of period and pee-proof underwear and activewear. Although they make running shorts and leggings, I wanted to see if their pants would get the job done. 

This particular style is designed for heavy flow or to be worn overnight, and promises to hold 20ml (3-4 tampons worth) of liquid. To put them through the ultimate test, I wore them during a HIIT workout – burpees, squat jumps, weighted lunges and other high-impact moves. I was really surprised – shocked, actually – that I had no leaks or dampness, and I didn’t even stain my fancy new office chair when I sat down after training (phew…).

Other period pants I’ve worn have a tendency to feel too silky, so they slip around when I’m training. The ‘gusset’ is thick enough so that you feel confident nothing is going to get through the material, but it also doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a giant pad. It’s also worth noting that I wore a size 16/XL and they fit like a glove, so if you’re between sizes, go for the size up. I have already recommended these pants to friends and I will 100% continue to use them.” 


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