This new podcast is essential listening for the spiritually curious

From studying our relationship compatibility on Co-Star to checking out the Astro Poets’ daily insights on Twitter, spirituality is now a part of everyday life for many millennial and Gen Z women. Sound familiar? Then you’ll probably be into Your Magic, a new Spotify Original podcast exploring why certain mystical traditions have long appealed to women and LGBTQ+ people.

Created by a team that includes the cofounders of Lena Dunham’s now-shuttered Lenny Letter, the podcast aims to “challenge and explore” forms of spirituality that have a history of attracting people who feel shut out of patriarchal religions. The first episode dropped yesterday, featuring a deep dive into what ‘Pisces season’ really means and an interview with musician Brittany Howard (lead singer and guitarist of Alabama Shakes), who discusses how her spirituality was shaped by her Christian upbringing and the death of her sister. There’ll be plenty more stories, ideas and resources to experiment with contemporary spirituality in the episodes to come – making this an intriguing listen for believers and sceptics alike. Listen on Spotify and


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Add oomph to vegetarian and vegan recipes with this unsung savoury seasoning hero

The pandemic may have put the brakes on the plant-based movement in the UK, with recent research suggesting the proportion of adults limiting or cutting out meat dropped by 10% in 2020. But if you are still regularly cooking meat-free meals, you’ll know that creating rich, deep flavours can sometimes be tricky. Good seasoning is absolutely essential in vegan and vegetarian recipes – which is where umami comes in.

The fifth flavour (alongside sweet, salty, sour and bitter), umami is a pleasantly savoury taste, and there are plenty of products designed to add it to home cooking. The latest is Yondu, a South Korean umami seasoning that’s just launched in the UK (£6.88 for 275ml). “Made from fermented soybeans and vegetables including onions, shiitake mushrooms and garlic, Yondu is basically posh liquid veg stock,” says Stylist Loves’ deputy editor (and lifelong vegetarian) Moya Crockett. “I’ve added it to bulgur wheat, pasta sauce and noodles, and it’s made everything indefinably yet undeniably more delicious.” Alternatively, try Stay Spiced! Umami Spice Blend (£6.80 for 70g), Clearspring Organic Japanese Umami Paste (£5.39 for 150g), Sosa Meat Umami Powder (£15.50 for 200g) or Pipers Farm Fava Bean Umami Paste (£3.05 for 175g). Perfect for whenever your dinner needs a boost.

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