Everyone’s wearing 90s-style beaded bracelets – and they’re super-easy to DIY

In line with the ongoing resurgence of all things 90s (think slouchy sportswear, square-toed sandals and V-neck cardis worn as tops), beaded jewellery has been bubbling under as a micro-trend for a while and now it’s looking like the Next Big Thing (Again). We’re not talking about subtle glass beads: instead, these colourful, kitschy plastic designs look like you could conceivably have made them at a primary school birthday party. The more playful and eclectic, the better.

In a distinctly meta twist, luxury brands are now offering kits that allow you to make your own nostalgic beaded jewellery. London-based fine jewellery studio Roxanne First’s ‘Bead For Your Bestie’ set (£75) is inspired by old-school friendship bracelets, while cult German brand Wald Berlin’s ‘DIY Candy Man’ necklace and bracelet box (£60) includes tiny plastic fuse beads that will remind you of long-ago craft sessions. Elsewhere, Urban Outfitters does a pocket-sized sachet of butterfly beads and pastel cord (£16); Tali Espi Design’s deluxe pack (£38.04) contains supplies for up to 10 bracelets; and TOTL Tomfoolery’s cheeringly comprehensive kit (£39.99) comes with wire, clasps, a crimp tool and much more. Time to load up those wrists like it’s 1999. 

Lipstick looking OTT after so many months indoors? Ease yourself back in with a lip tint or stain
Albus & Flora / £14.40
This super-hydrating tinted lip balm comes in five shades and is loaded up with SPF30, antioxidants and vitamins
Revlon / £7.99
Goes on glossy, but dries to a ‘just blotted’ effect. The seven shades are packed with coconut oil for a drench of moisture
Benefit / £15.50
It might look fiery, but the orangey-red formula goes on sheer so you can build it up as much or as little as you want
Cle Cosmetics / £15
One of the most innovative lip colours, the powder formula melts into a long-lasting matte tint upon application
Dr Lipp / £18
Using 100% sustainably-sourced plant-based pigments, this set of three tints can also be used on cheeks and eyes
MAC / £19
It’s a lip stain, but glossy. The Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain has 10 shades that promise to last for up to 12 hours

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This absorbing historical fiction debut will charm and educate you in equal measure

A fictionalised story about the making of the original Oxford English Dictionary may not sound like a gripping read but don’t judge a book by its topline plot – The Dictionary of Lost Words (Vintage) became a lockdown bestseller when it was released in its native Australia last year. Available in the UK today, Pip Williams’ debut novel is utterly fascinating in its portrayal of the processes and rules involved in the male-dominated world of recording language.

While some characters are based on real-life figures, the story centres on fictional character Esme. Inheriting a love of language from her father, she becomes a lexicographer in early 20th century England, when she notices that certain words are considered more important than others. Unsurprisingly, discarded words are mainly those used by, and about, women. After all, it’s men who write the dictionaries. So Esme begins secretly building her own dictionary of ‘women’s words and their meanings’ in the hope that female voices in history will be preserved.

“This absorbing story takes place over 100 years – which is how long it took for the first Oxford English dictionary to be completed,” says Stylist’s Lucy Robson. “The impact of major world events like the suffragette movement and WW1 on both the lexicon and Esme’s life are particularly compelling. Beautiful and moving, it’s perfect for lovers of historical fiction – I predict it will be a book club favourite.” £14.99,

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