Transform your mindset at tomorrow’s Money Rally
Have you got your ticket yet? Join us for expert-led workshops and panels designed to build your financial confidence for greater peace of mind. 

With practical workshops to help you get a grip on your money and discussions exploring our attitudes to money, book your place at tomorrow’s Money Rally to learn smart budgeting tips and give your self-confidence a boost.

Gemma Cairney, Ruby Wax, Emma Sayle and Amanda Thomson kick off the day discussing the support systems they’ve developed, mistakes they’ve made, and how they view the relationship between money and success. Later, we will be joined by three female financial experts to explore how you can build healthy habits and create a space to think about money without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Three expert-led workshops will help you take control of your finances with debt management tactics, saving strategies and advice on how to start investing.


Tickets are £9 and include access to all sessions, one month’s free access to SmartPurse’s Digital Money School and a digital goody bag to support your learning. Plus, content will be available to watch for three weeks following the event, so don’t worry if you can’t join the live event.

Already booked? Ticket holders will receive their digital goody bag and the full schedule (including workshops) later today.

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