This side plank workout will help boost 360-degree mobility

If you run, walk or lunge regularly, your body will be pretty good at moving forwards and backwards. But how frequently do you move laterally in your workouts? Probably not very often, despite the fact that the body is designed to move across all planes of motion. To create 360-degree mobility, you need to focus on strengthening and stretching the sides of your body just as much as you do your front and back muscles. Enter: side planks, the perfect stability move that targets both your obliques, shoulders, abdominals and lats.

In this workout, Strong Women Training Club fitness trainer Alice Liveing demonstrates how to perfect your form when doing a side plank, then moves on to a main circuit designed to work every angle of the body. This is a session that leaves nothing untrained.

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Join us at next week’s Strong Minds Summit to improve your mental wellbeing

Nearly two thirds of Stylist readers have told us that they’ve experience mental health hiccups in the last six months – from feeling emotionally exhausted to increased sadness from being cut off from friends and family. It’s clear that we need support more than ever, even as the world slowly returns to a new normal.

Which is why we’re launching the Strong Women Strong Minds Summit, in partnership with Fitbit: a virtual event that will empower you to improve your mental wellbeing by teaching you how to prevent burnout, optimise brain health and immerse yourself in the natural world. Taking place during Mental Health Awareness Week on the evening of Tuesday 11 May, tickets are just £6. We can’t wait to see you there.


Not sure what to eat before a run? Try these high-energy breakfast recipes

What you eat before lacing up matters – running on little fuel could be the difference between finishing your run within your goal time and having to give up halfway through. If you’re planning on running long and strong, try these five simple but delicious recipes that are packed with slow-release energy and muscle-loving nutrients.



If living in activewear this past year has stretched your leggings and sweats to their limits, upgrade to a planet-friendly kit you can feel good about
SOS / £75
Park workouts still require layers, so throw on this super-soft, recycled polyester sweatshirt
Made from organic cotton, environmentally-friendly dye and with added stretch for easy movement
ADIDAS / £55
Over 64% of this moisture-wicking bra’s materials are recycled – so you'll reduce waste while sweating
Feel supported in compression shorts made from 17 old water bottles
Whether you’re running or lifting, these vegan barefoot-style trainers will help you move naturally
These leggings with phone pockets are made from rescued ocean plastic and low-impact dye


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Nadiya Hussain’s high-protein nicoise bake is perfect for al fresco dining (and your muscles)

The sun may be shining, but we’re still bundling up in our thickest puffers while entertaining outdoors. Which is why this warm twist on the classic nicoise salad by none other than Nadiya Hussain is the perfect al fresco meal for when the sun goes down. This nutritious post-workout meal will support everything from your nervous system to your muscles, thanks to the high-protein eggs and tuna.

Like your regular nicoise, you’ll need new potatoes (full of energising B vitamins and carbohydrates to see you through long evenings outside – and your workout the morning after), tuna (also a great source of potassium) and eggs (full  healthy fats as well as protein), plus the usual suspects such as green beans and tomatoes. The big difference is that you leave the lettuce in the fridge and bake everything else. Because who needs to hear your teeth chattering over a shared bottle of pinot?  


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Stylist’s campaign producer Aletha Davis searches for walking trainers that can keep up with her hikes and long strolls in the city. 

What? The North Face Women’s Vectiv Hypnum Shoes, £125

What is it? Hiking trainers that have superior grip soles and heel-positioning technology to ensure stability on uneven terrain.

The verdict: “I go for long walks and hikes regularly, so have been looking for the most functional type of walking trainers that are both comfortable and supportive. But I also want them to be stylish so I can wear them with jeans and dresses, as well as activewear.

These new Vectiv hiking trainers have 3D underfoot plates that claim to provide propulsion and stability, plus a midsole ‘rocker’ shape that optimises foot strike and forward momentum. In addition, the sole’s grip promises stability on rough terrain. As soon as I put on them on, they were instantly comfortable (no new shoe breaking-in required). When walking around the city and up hills, I felt confident that my ankles were secure and I wouldn’t slip – the sole really does have a strong grip. I’m not sure if it was due to the midsole but my gait definitely felt different than when I wear normal shoes during my walks. 

I also found that the breathable mesh fabric kept my feet cool during warmer weather – even after going on a 10k walk. I would definitely recommend them to people who enjoy going on long walks or hikes, although I would suggest a more subtle colour if you want to wear them with everything. I’m really looking forward to putting these hiking trainers through more trails and hills this summer.” 


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