Get strong and stable with this 30-minute bodyweight balance challenge

Stability is one of those skills that you only really value once it’s gone – and we could all do with being as strong and stable as possible now because, terrifyingly, your sense of balance starts to deteriorate from the age of 25. In this half-hour workout, Strong Women Training Club trainer Mia Wilkinson demonstrates plenty of bodyweight stability testers including single leg exercises, plank row rotations and squat high knees, so you can stay wobble-free for years to come. 

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Keep spraining your ankle or getting shin splints? These are the muscles you need to work on

There’s nothing more frustrating (or painful) than repeatedly twisting your ankle, getting shin splints or feeling the familiar twinge of tendonitis. If you’ve already worked on your glute strength, swapped trainers and done your recovery properly, then the culprit is probably a pair of underactive calves. 

If there’s a pain in the bulky part of your calf, it’s your fast-twitch fibres that are screaming for help – any lower, and it’s the fibres that help you to run. So, what can you do about it? We called in the experts to explain exactly how to stretch and strengthen the most underrated muscle in the body.


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Want to get your dance on? Here’s what you need to jump, twist and plié with the best of them
P.E Nation / £80
We're getting serious 80s vibes from this ombré sports bra that's made from recycled polyester and elastane
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Pangaia / £75
Practical stirrups keep the stretchy jersey material in place – perfect for barre, aerobics or simply feeling the part
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Capezio / £50
Split sole shoes mean your foot position is articulated, so you can emphasise toe points in fine-tuned choreography
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Year of Ours / £75
This ribbed top hugs you closely for a clear silhouette, but with a stretch effect that allows free movement
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Tendu / £18.95
Work on your much-needed core and quad stability by pliéing on this sturdy, wooden balance board
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Everlane / £66
This all-in-one is compressive and sweat-wicking, so you can perform fluid leaps, spin and jumps with confidence
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Sign up to Strong Women Training Club for our new 8-week barre x strength workout series

Strong Women Training Club has teamed up with London-based fitness studio Barrecore to bring you an eight-week series of live-streamed sessions and in-person classes at its Chelsea and Mayfair studios. Led by head trainer Emily King, each session will blend Strong Women Training Club’s signature strength-focused workouts with Barrecore’s barre. To join the virtual classes or claim 20% off access to the studio classes, start your 14-day free trial now. 


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Boost immunity and stay warm with this butter bean and butternut squash soup

Temperatures have suddenly dropped and that means two things: comfort food is back on the menu, as are winter bugs. This butter bean and butternut squash is basically a blanket in culinary form – thick and warm. Even better, it’s also bursting with nutritional goodness. 

Butter beans are packed with immune-supporting copper and bone-loving magnesium, while butternut squash is an autumn favourite for a reason: it’s loaded with vitamins A and C, which will help to stave off those pesky colds. And there’s turmeric in there too, for a powerful antioxidant punch. Just the thing to slurp on the sofa while watching Squid Game to see what all the fuss is about… 


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