This quick-fire dynamic core challenge builds multi-purpose strength

When it comes to core challenges, we don’t mess around at Strong Women Training Club. We’re not talking holding a plank for five minutes – this involves holding a plank while walking your feet in and out and keeping your upper body totally still. The purpose? To build strength in both dynamic and static positions so you can walk, jump and sit pain-free. Trainer Dottie Fildes will take you through a dumbbell strength circuit before finishing with a series of core-blasters designed to target those deep mid-body muscles so you can feel strong in every position.

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Is the traditional 30-minute post-workout ‘eating window’ really a thing?
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Get 20% off Barrecore classes when you join Strong Women Training Club

Strong Women Training Club has teamed up with Barrecore to bring you a series of unique strength-infused barre workout classes, hosted at Barrecore’s Chelsea studio. Even better, Training Club members are entitled to 20% off their studio classes. To book a session for £20 instead of £28, simply sign up for a free Strong Women Training Club trial below and find the discount code on the offers page.


If you’ve so far managed to avoid The Cold To End All Colds that half the country has come down with, help keep it at bay with these bug-fighting essentials
Spritz Wellness / £12
If you can’t lug your own mat from work to the studio, you can stay safe while sharing with this freshening yoga mat spray
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Symprove / £79
Around 70% of the body’s entire immune system lives in the gut so look after it with these science-backed, digestive-loving probiotics
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Neutrogena / £4.49
Protect wind-chapped hands from lifting metal while also avoiding gym germs with this moisturising antibacterial cream
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Innermost / £29.95
This creamy shake is loaded with glutamine and shiitake – both help to support immune function while repairing muscle
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Under Armour / £26
Foam material is designed to let fresh air in without letting germs and sweat out, so you can breathe and train easy
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Holland & Barrett / £2.50
Anti-inflammatory vitamin D is a winter essential in the grey UK as a deficiency can lead to colds and flu
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Why you should keep running – even when you really, really hate it

Running: you either love it or you hate it. But hating it doesn’t necessarily mean not doing it. There are plenty of runners who can’t stand the way chewing up miles makes them feel sweaty, breathless and exposed – but they still lace up every week. 

Writer Josie England is one such person, who has been exploring her own complicated and entirely relatable relationship with running. “At best I tolerate it; at worst, I hate it,” she says. And yet, despite never having experienced a runner’s high, she keeps going. Here’s why you should too… 


“Standing up every half hour transformed my productivity – here’s how I fit it into my day”
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Boost both your brain power and gut health with this walnut and bean taco recipe

They may originally hail from balmy Mexico, but tacos make for the perfect autumnal mid-week dinner. Relatively quick to throw together, they taste delicious and, if you get the contents right, can offer serious nutritional benefits.

This meat-free recipe is packed with plant protein – the ‘meaty’ walnut filling is particularly great for vegans and veggies because the nuts are rich in plant-based omega-3 fatty acids (otherwise found in fish), which are known to help reduce oxidative stress in the brain, boost mood and improve brain signalling. It may not be authentic Mexican, but when something’s this good for you, who can argue?


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