This lunge-focused workout targets more than just your legs

Strong quads are the worker bee of your body, helping you to run faster, cycle stronger, lift heavier and move easier. But to support quads that will power you through the day, you also need a rock solid core to stabilise. That’s why this week’s Strong Women Training Club workout is all about lunges: a move that builds legs and abs in equal measure. You’ll work the entire front of your body via lunge high knees and goblet forward lunges to get those quads trembling, while the double leg stretch and crunch will work the deep abs, front of thighs and build the hip flexors that join the two muscles together. Your future self will thank you when those strong muscles smash upcoming workouts.

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Join us for Strong Women’s new Burpee Challenge on Wednesday

Want to head into 2022 feeling stronger than ever? It’s time to join our five-week burpee challenge. Strong Women Training Club’s Dottie Fildes will be leading a series of classes throughout December that are designed to help you master the perfect burpee. Starting on 1 December, a new class will be released every Wednesday – by the New Year, you’ll be able to nail 20 in a row.

Suitable for all levels, the sessions will last a maximum of 40 minutes and have been designed to focus on form. What’s more, we’ll be offering members who share their challenge videos the chance to win a Strong Women Training Club branded tote bag and water bottle. Simply tag @strongwomenuk and two lucky members will be selected at random to win every week. Not a Strong Women Training Club member yet? Sign up below.


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Get 40% off CBD and vitamin supplements

With party season looming on the horizon, now’s the time to take a breath and make sure your wellness game is in peak condition before the chaos of December begins in earnest. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that healthy living experts fourfive are offering Stylist readers 40% off all purchases when they spend £50 online with the code strongwomen40 until Friday 3 December.

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If you only exercise on the weekend, this is how to get the most from your workouts

Balancing a hectic work schedule, a groaning festive social calendar, endless life admin and an exercise routine is harder than social media makes it look. That leaves many of us falling into the category of ‘weekend warriors’ – those who only have the opportunity to work out one or two times a week, but make the most of it while they can by running a half-marathon or flying through a two hour gym session every Saturday. But do you get all the same benefits from cramming all of your active minutes into a couple of workouts, or is it doing you harm? We asked the experts…

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This chia seed pudding is the workout fuel that will super-charge your training

In his book Born To Run, author Christopher McDougall visits an ancient tribe in Mexico who are famed for their ability to run up to 320km in one session (no, that’s not a typo). Their secret, according to McDougall, lied in their chia seed-heavy diet. 

Chia seeds are packed with slow-burn energy – not only because they’re overflowing with protein, fibre and fats, but also because of their absorbency. When soaked – like in this recipe – the seeds’ gel-like consistency means that they line the stomach for a slow-release of energy that will fuel even the toughest sessions. Plus, the calcium and magnesium content is crucial for recovering after a tough workout. Even if you’re not running hundreds (and hundreds) of kilometres, everyone’s exercise routine could benefit from these tiny powerhouses. 


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