This star-studded, all-female spy film is the perfect dose of escapism we need right now

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to drag us from reality into a world of oddly soothing make-believe high-stakes, it’s a spy film. And after years of toxic James Bond masculinity, we finally have the female-dominated spy caper we deserve with The 355. Assertive CIA agent Mace Brown (brilliantly played by Jessica Chastain) joins forces with lone wolf German spy, Marie Schmidt (Diane Kruger), Columbian psychologist and spy novice, Graciela (Penélope Cruz), witty former MI6 agent, Khadija (Lupita Nyongo) and Chinese MSS agent, Lin Mi Sheng (Bingbing Fan) to destroy a powerful world-ending technology that’s on the verge of getting into the wrong hands of Nick Fowler (Sebastian Stan) – and they’re not shy when it comes to taking people down.

“In a time where divisiveness continues to dominate how we as a society act, what this film ultimately does is nod to the importance of banding together against a common goal,” says Stylist Loves writer Kiran Meeda. “You’ll feel the urge to become Mace’s best friend by the end thanks to her unwavering determination and skill, but what is most satisfying is the ferocious, messy hand-to-hand combat that takes place between the team and their enemies. Prepare for your heart to be warmed, edge-of-your-seat tension throughout and a lot of kicks and punches thrown in for good measure.” In cinemas now

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Don’t recognise the above? Welcome to the simple word game that’s taking over the world

If you’ve scrolled Twitter lately, it’s highly likely you will have spotted something similar to the cryptic picture above, as more and more people fall prey to a deceptively simple online word game. Described as “fiendishly addictive”, Wordle went viral over the holiday period, with fans as varied as Jimmy Fallon, Isy Suttie and Richard Osman posting their (spoiler-free) results on social media. Back in mid-October, Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle created the free game for his word game-loving partner – little did he know that after just three months, it would have over 300,000 daily players worldwide. So what exactly is so riveting about it? 

The aim is seemingly simple: guess the five-letter word of the day. Kickstarting a process of colour-coded elimination, players are shown whether any of their letters are correct and if they’re in the right place – but you’re only allowed six tries before the game ends. With just one word released daily (from a total of 2,500), you can’t lose hours playing it, which makes it all the more compelling. Teaching the virtues of patience while getting your brain into gear? Just the thing to add to your 2022 routine. Play now

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